Books Galore: Hay on Wye

Travel Diary:
Hay-on-Wye came highly recommended to us as a great town to visit. If you like books then you will like Hay-on-Wye.
Even if you don't particularly like books or maybe you are more of a Kindle sort of person, Hay is a pleasant town to walk around when the weather is nice.
Walking through the shops see the countless books everywhere is interesting. There are a few other businesses like a record shop, clothing stores and restaurants but most of the shops are book stores. A lot of the books you will find are really cheap. We manage to find a couple Stephen King books right off the bat for 50p each.  Hay Cinema Bookshop is a bookshop that is inside an old movie theatre. It is massive. There are all sorts of books in there. The majority of them seem to be in brand new condition. They buy leftover books from the publisher because publishers often print more books than they need in order to get a good deal on printing.
There are more books in Hay than you can shake a stick a…

Week Two: The Vegan Engineer Came to Birmingham

Travel Diary:
We were excited that our friend known as The Vegan Engineer was coming to visit. We used to live with him and we hadn't seen him in a long time. It seemed like we did a lot of eating out at different places. 
We went to the Chemistry Cafe in Stourbridge which has a few vegan options. We got a wrap and some vegan mac and cheese. It was all good.
Later we found ourselves at a work party at one of our former employers which was a lot of fun.
Here we are posing with a new friend at the train station after a successful night out. Back at our friend's place we had a nice barrel fire going. Who knew it could be so much fun to burn some garden waste. Another day we went for a walk up the
Malvern Hillswhich we wrote a whole separate post on.
Then another day we took the train into Birmingham to wander around. When we got hungry we checked out a couple of our favourite places to eat. We went to 3 Threes and Cafe Soya. We also did some wondering around the city. We got some s…