Vegan Pub Food and Vegan Cake in Edinburgh Scotland

Travel Diary:
During our cruise from the UK to Iceland and back we stopped in Edinburgh, Scotland. The port was in Leith. We have been to Leith before back in 2011 so it was nice to see it again. We were very excited to check out a vegan pub called Harmonium that was highly rated by everyone we talked to. 
We were door crashers but there were a bunch of other people trickling in for lunch not too long after we got there. The had a bloody mary drink special and a vegan NY pastrami sandwich. All of their appetizers sounded amazing so we ordered 3 of them. The 3 appetizers we got were...
HEART OF PALM CALAMARI LAVERBREAD CAKES WITH STREAKY BACON PAN SEARED KING OYSTER MUSHROOM SCALLOPS We also got the TO-FISH SUPPER. It was all good. Everything we ate was delicious. The quality of the food was very high. We may have overdone it on our lunch but we were excited to try so much great food. Plus the vegan options on the cruise ship we not all the amazing so it was nice to get some vegan food…

Cruise Port: Invergordon, Scotland

Travel Diary:
On our cruise from the UK to Iceland and back we stopped at many ports such as Invergordon. Invergordon is the closest port to go see Inverness and Loch Ness. We have already been to those places so we didn't feel the need to book some sort of tour or train to go check out Inverness.
We figured that we would just walk around Invergordon and see what we could find. There is quite a few murals on the buildings there. We went in some second-hand shops as well. Otherwise we there wasn't a whole lot else going on. We were fine just having a walk around the town for a while. It didn't take us that long to walk around the town. The weather was nice and it was nice to get off the ship. We were honestly pretty sick of being on the ship by this point. This is the longest cruise we've ever done. This is another place in Scotland we can cross off.
Here we are near the beach. If you enjoyed reading about our time in Invergordon then definitely check out the rest of our…

Interesting Turn of Events

If you missed last month's update, find it here: The End to a Wonderful Holiday in England

We got back into some sort of 'routine' back in Canada. Ate at some good restaurants, caught up with friends and Family and went on some mini-holidays.

This month our vegan guide is for Reykjavik. We had a great time eating our way around this city (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month). 
Back in Canada, we went to Port Renfrew and stayed in a lovely cabin for a couple nights with mom, while we explored the area.

We added posts about our  Icelandic Cruise 2018 to our Travel Diary blog:  See the newest posts from our trip: Golden Circle Direct Tour, The Highlights of Reykjavik, IcelandCruise Port: Akureyri, Iceland, andKirkwall, Orkney.
We also had a day trip to Victoria to go Whale watching with the parents.

For our travel tips this month we shared How to Create a Self Guided City Tour.  (Remember to check back the…

That Time we Went to Chicago, IL

Travel Diary:
Back in the day before we really caught the travel bug, we had a hell of a year where we went to Las Vegas for a wedding and then almost immediately afterwards we went to Illinois for a big birthday party.
Most of our time in Illinois was spent visiting people but we did get the chance to go into the big city for the day with my dad. We made it to Chicago. It's called the Windy City but it was not too windy that day.
We had a great time checking out the taste of Chicago. We weren't vegan back then. The only thing we remember eating was bruschetta, some sort of salad and getting a bunch of free samples of Monster Energy drink. We pretty much went around getting all the cheap samples. You had to buy food tickets and pay for your food with the tickets. Each booth had a special sample dish for 1 ticket. The regular dishes were 3 or 4 tickets. 
We got to see some cool stuff like the Flamingo sculpture and Buckingham Fountain.
We wandered around Millenium Park and foun…

Kirkwall, Orkney

Travel Diary:
We took a cruise to Iceland from the UK. During our cruise, we stopped at a number of different ports including Kirkwall, Orkney.

We've been to a number of places all over Scotland. Earlier in this cruise, we even made a stop in Lerwick, Shetland. We had never been to these Scottish islands before because of the cost involved in getting there and staying there. We had a good walk around Kirkwall. We saw the big church, the high street and Earl's Palace. The castle is called Earl's Palace. Kirkwall used to have another castle called the King's Castle but it was destroyed in 1614. Earl's Palace is very cool looking Afterwards, we walked on the high street, found some food and then we walked to the waterfront.
We looked out at the beach.  We checked out the Tankerness House Garden. It was a good place to sit and have a snack on a bench. We headed back to the cruise ship after we'd had enough of Kirkwall. It was fun to walk around.

If you enjoyed readi…