Oxford City Walk and Happy Friday Kitchen for Lunch

Travel Diary:
We had an excellent time in the UK staying with our friend. It was time for us to leave and our friend was nice enough to drive us to the airport, which was not close by. We decided to make it worthwhile and stopped by Oxford for lunch. Oxford is called the "city of dreaming spires" because of the architecture there. It's Oxford is well known for its University. There were tons of people walking around. It seemed like a lot of them were tourists. We had to walk quite a ways to get to the restaurant we wanted to check out. We had parked the car at a park and ride. The bus brought us to the city centre. It was nice walking through Oxford to get to Happy Friday Kitchen. Here we are sad to be having our last meal together for the foreseeable future. We were very happy with the food at Happy Friday Kitchen. We met up with our friend's friend at a pub called the Library which was nice and then we stopped by for a visit with a couple more of our friend's f…

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If you missed last month's update, find it here: Staying Local and Working for our Travels
This month we went to Victoria again for some personal errands and did some Christmas shopping. While we were there we tried out Fern Bakery for their vegan food. Everything we tried was excellent. It's difficult to take professional photos of food but trust us, it was all excellent. We had the pepperoni panini, the cheeseburger mac and cheese, and a selection of desserts.

This month our vegan guide is for Paris. We had a great time in Paris checking out the sights and eating at a few different vegan restaurants. (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month).  We continued baking up a storm with more muffins. These were chocolate chip banana muffins. They were delicious.

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Himley Hall and Veggie Supreme Pizza, West Midlands, UK

Travel Diary:
While we were over in the UK we went on a couple of big trips. We went to Iceland on a cruise and we went to Paris as well. Aside from the big trips, we did some day trips local to where we were staying near Birmingham. One of those trips was to Himley Hall and Park. It was a place recommended to us by our hosts. We all drove there together to have a nice walk in the park. 
Himley Hall is an English country house which belonged to the Lords of Dudley but now it is a park owned by Dudley Council. The Manor house has nice grounds which makes for a nice park to walk around.
There are lots of ducks and geese roaming around. We happened to show up on a day where they were doing a scavenger hunt for kids. They were all trying to find a unicorn or something. We went down near the water and had a picnic. We had brought a packed lunch with us to enjoy in the park.
The walk around the water was really nice. We always enjoy going for walks in the outdoors. The weather was actually p…

Le Grand Paris Trip

Travel Diary:
We travelled to Paris, France from the UK where we were staying in the Birmingham area. This time we flew out of Birmingham rather than flying out of London like some of our other trips.

We made it to Paris okay and once we got to the airport we had to figure out how to get the train to our hotel. We did look it up on Google maps ahead of time. We just had to line up for a train ticket and then catch the train from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Gare du Nord and then a metro train to Estación de Oberkampf. From there we walked.
We checked in to our hotel and we were impressed with our windows. It's not often that we have the luxury of windows! We were excited to see Paris so we got out there and walked around. We got a map from our hotel to help guide us. We walked past city hall or Hôtel de Ville. Then we crossed the bridge to go to  Île de la Cité. We found the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and waited in line to go inside. Check out the gargoyles on the side of the cat…