Summer Swim in Osoyoos Lake

Travel Diary
Continuing our cross Canada road trip we were on our way back west and it was feeling like the home stretch at this point. We were back in British Columbia and after a quick stay in Grand Forks, we made it to Osoyoos, BC. It is one of the hottest places in Canada during the summer.
We made sure to stop at the Anarchist Mountain Lookout to get a picture of Osoyoos.
It was very hot and we were looking forward to making it down the mountain so we could go swimming in Osoyoos Lake.

Osoyoos is a popular resort town that gets a lot of visitors during the summertime. 
We made it to the beach and managed to find some close by parking. The town was a lot smaller than we imagined. Not that that is a bad thing. We just didn't need to spend much time exploring the town. A lot of the businesses we passed were resorts and hotels. It is a good place to go for a vacation.
Finally, we were at a beach in weather that was hot enough to warrant swimming. I mean, sure we went swimming a couple other times on this trip but it wasn't really super hot outside.
Reading a Stephen King novel at the beach on a day like this is a little strange. His novels are probably more suited to reading during a thunderstorm or something.

Osoyoos didn't have much to choose from as far as vegan options go so we went with Subway and we got some iced coffee from Tim Hortons. 

We pretty much spent the whole day in Osoyoos seeing all there was to see and hanging out near the water.
We checked out Sẁiẁs Provincial Park which is a point. You can camp there too which is something we were considering. It was pretty booked up though so we might not have been able to get a site by the looks of it. Like we mentioned before, Osoyoos is busy this time of year.

We would recommend visiting the park when you go to Osoyoos.

It was all good being in Osoyoos but it was time to leave. We were very close to the end of our road trip. We had a fantastic time but we also were looking forward to some rest from life on the road. 

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