April Showers? Bring May Flowers *Fingers Crossed*

If you missed last month's update, find it here: It Feels like Summer has Started

As part of our new year's resolution "30-Day Challenges", This month we pulled "30-days of Blogging"We have been neglecting our blog a little bit, as we haven't been doing much travelling. We are hoping this challenge will jumpstart our creativity. Alongside this challenge we were still walking/running 180+ minutes a week, writing in our positivity journal and trying to not complain.
 We checked out the Pacific Brant Carving & Art Show which is part of the Brant Wildlife Festival in Parksville, BC. We have been quite a few times over the years. My dad is very involved with the festival and always has new woodcarvings to enter.

The wood carvings at the carving and art show are amazing. There are all sorts of carvings of wildlife and other stuff too.
There was even a wood carving of a little girls dress. That is my dad's carving on the right-hand side.

Check out thi…

Short Stay in Campbell River: Eating at Fresh Start Bistro and Ideal Cafe

Travel Diary:
We drove up north to Campbell River and check in to the Anchor Inn hotel which is by the water. Every room has an ocean view since the hotel is built into the side of a cliff. 
We were hungry from the ride up there so we stopped by the Fresh Start Bistro which we had found by searching Campbell River on the Happy Cow app. 

We got their appetizer platter to start which had veggies, hummus, salsa and chips.
For our mains, we got the mac and cheese, pesto fettucini special and the roaded veggies plate with mashed potatoes. We were stuffed by the time we left.
We checked in to our hotel and admired the view of the ocean. During our time in Campbell River, we drove to Elk Falls Provincial Park and went on a short hike to the Elk Falls suspension bridge. You can read about in the separate post we made on our visit to Elk Falls Suspension Bridge We also made a short vlog on the Elk Falls suspension bridge. We were hungry from our walk so we went to a place we found through Faceboo…

Elk Falls Suspension Bridge

Travel Diary: We went for a little road trip to Campbell River with Mom just for something to do. The best thing to see nearby is the Provincial Park, Elk Falls, which is a beautiful park. We wanted to check it out as it has a new suspension bridge. It has hiking trails and camping as well. The Elk Falls suspension bridge overlooks the falls and it is worth a visit.
The park is only a short drive out of Campbell River. Then you drive past the park's campground and follow the signs for the suspension bridge and Elk Falls. Once you get to the parking lot, it is not a far hike from the parking lot to the falls. We had previously been to Elk Falls quite a few years ago when the suspension bridge hadn't been built yet. We hiked down the trail and made it to the bridge and we were impressed. It's a nice looking bridge. There is Mom on the bridge. The bridge had a great view of the falls and it's fun walking on the bridge. There were quite a few people out today hiking and ch…

That Time we Went to Hawaii, USA

Travel Diary:
We have been budget travelling for years. Our honeymoon is another example of our budgeting skills. We knew that we wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and nothing was going to stop us.
We went to a travel agent and told them we wanted a two week trip to Hawaii for under $2000. They didn't think it was possible and kept trying to talk us out of it. They kept trying to sell us a Mexico trip, which was not where we wanted to go.
We had our hearts set on Hawaii and were determined to get there for under $2000.
We searched and searched and searched.
Finally, we found it. a 12-night cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii and around the Hawaiian islands. We were able to book the cruise, plus a few extra nights in Honolulu after the cruise before flying back. Again, it all comes down to being flexible on the time frame. We left 1.5 months after our wedding.  This was the first big trip that we'd ever been on together. We had never been on a cruise together. One of us had…