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Québec: Je me souviens

We had a nice time visiting Quebec during the summer on our cross Canada road trip for Canada's 150th birthday. Canada is a bilingual country but where we are on the west coast there isn't a lot of French speakers. It was cool to be in Quebec and be surrounded by French speakers and see a part of Canada that is a bit different than Vancouver and British Columbia.

Travel Diary:

On the way east we stopped in Montreal for brunch at Vegano. See our trip here: Montreal for Brunch, Street Art and Vegan Sushi.

We drove to Quebec City to find a campsite just outside the city. Then in the morning, we had a fun time exploring Quebec City the capital of Quebec.

Quebec City is very unique for North America because it has a very European feel to it. It was a lot of fun walking around and taking in all the sights there. Check out our post for more and watch our video on the visit too. A Beautiful Day to See Quebec City and Château Frontenac

We carried on through Quebec and into New Brunswick…

The Neighbourhood of Fernwood, Victoria BC

One of our favourite neighbourhoods in Victoria is Fernwood. 
It is fun to walk around Fernwood. There are sidewalks and trees all over. It's also a quiet neighbourhood and it is not too far from the city centre/downtown area. You could walk downtown from Fernwood. We sort of used to live in Fernwood. It was barely Fernwood. We lived on the border of a few different neighbourhoods so it was hard to say which neighbourhood we lived in. We often went for walks around Fernwood since it is so nice. We like the telephone poles in Fernwood because they are painted with different designs. It's nice to see out of the ordinary stuff when you go for a walk. There aren't any other neighbourhoods in Victoria with this kind of character.

There are some community gardens which is pretty cool to see as well. I guess Fernwood is sort of a bohemian neighbourhood.
It's the kind of neighbourhood you'd expect to find Dexter's Laboratory cartoons spray painted on garage doors and …

Montreal for Brunch, Street Art and Vegan Sushi

Travel Diary
Continuing on our two-month road trip across Canada for Canada's 150th birthday. We spent a lot of time camping and in the National Parks but we also like to visit big cities. It felt like a good change of pace to make it to Montreal. We went to Montreal two times on this cross Canada trip. We stopped through for lunch on the way East and then we stayed a little longer on the way back. We're going to combine both of these visits in one travel diary entry here. We had left Toronto and stopped in Glenville, Ontario to camp. Our plan was to stop in Montreal but to make it to Quebec City. Montreal has a lot of vegan restaurants being a big city like it is. We found a place called Vegano that had a brunch menu. It's an Italian Vegan restaurant. The outside doesn't look like much. It was actually a little hard to find because it is so non-descript. It just has a small sign that says Vegano.
It's got a great brunch menu. We were so hungry that we ordered a cr…