Jumping into the New Year with more Travels

If you missed last month's update, find it here: Dear, Winter is Here! Bring on the Cheer

We love to bring in the new year, with the best memories and food we had the previous year. Best Memories of Twenty-Seventeen. We also wrote a post on our Best Vegan Food in 2017. We find these posts help us set goals for the new year and remind ourselves how amazing life can be if you really work towards your dreams. We hope that you can use these posts for inspiration on planning your own travels.

This month we finally finished putting together our cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Sun. Watch our Alaskan Cruise Vlog if you missed it!

We created a new kind of post this month as well. We usually do vegan guides on the second Sunday, but we thought it would change up these posts. The second Sunday will still be focused on vegan food in different destinations but we are changing up how these are produced. This month we gave you the Best of the Best in the United Kingdom  (Remember we share a new Vegan Type Guide the second Sunday of every month).

We got really into burgers this month. I mean we normally love burgers, but we don't make them ourselves. This is our double 'chicken' burger. We tried about 6 other variations of chicken burgers and they were all delicious.

We continued sharing our posts on our road trip across Canada. We still can't believe how much footage we got and how long it is taking us to post everything. We are now posting our drive back to Vancouver Island

For our travel tips this month we shared our tips for 'Being Vegan on the Road' (Remember to check back the third Sunday of every month for more travel tips from us.)

The second to last weekend in January we made our way to Vancouver for a concert. While we were there we made a point to check a few more vegan/ vegan-friendly establishments off our list. Including this delicious Italian style pizza from Fire Crusts!

We published what we think will be our last spotlight series post. 'Nanaimo's Most Beautiful Attraction: Neck Point'
We do enjoy highlighting places we like, but we have decided to take a new direction with our blog and unfortunately, these posts do not fit in with our vision. We hope you enjoyed the series while it was around. It had a good year-long run. We are super excited about our new ideas and posts that will be coming your way! So stay tuned for all that!

At the end of this month, we made our way to Las Vegas, Nevada for a Veganuary event put on by Vegans, Baby. She went around the city asking different restaurants to participate by adding a Veganuary menu to their existing menu for the month of January.

Going forward you will find all travel diaries, monthly updates and other tourism posts here on wanderlustveganstravels.blogspot.com

All vegan guides, tips, recipes and everything vegan can be found at www.wanderlustvegans.com

 Thank you all for your continued support.

To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: The Month that just FLIES by!