La Mauricie National Park

Travel Diary:

Continuing our cross Canada road trip we were on our way back west. We made it out of New Brunswick and into Quebec. We saw that there was a nice National Park called La Mauricie National Park that was partway between Quebec City and Montreal close to Trois-Rivières.

We drove into the national park and found our campsite at the campground la Rivière-à-la-Pêche. There were quite a few different campsites in the park. Once we got settled into the campsite we drove over to the hiking trail called Mekinac. There was supposed to be beavers but we didn't find any, unfortunately.
The walk was nice and we searched all over for those damn beavers but they were nowhere to be seen.

We saw some evidence of the beavers like a tree that had been chewed to get wood for the beaver's dam.

There were cool looking mushrooms.

It really felt like we were in the middle of nature on this walk. I mean, the hiking trails were well groomed but aside from that it was very quiet and peaceful.

There were signs shaped like beavers that must have been to indicate where the beavers are commonly located. We went on a loop and then back to the parking lot. Then we made it back to our campsite.
We had a huge campsite and it was well surrounded by trees. In fact, it looked like all of the campsites were big and the whole campground was well forested.
It was great seeing all these maple trees. It felt very Canadian.

We alternated setting up the tent and sleeping in the SUV. This is what our set up in the back of the vehicle looked like with our sleeping bags.
It looks cosy in there and it was. There was not a lot of room to move around. It was definitely not for the claustrophobic.

While we were setting up camp and cooking dinner a fox ran on to our campsite. We were so shocked that we didn't get a picture. One of us yelled, "Oh, Fox!" Then we scrambled for the camera. It was funny as hell. You had to be there.

This is how we stored everything in the front for when we were sleeping inside the SUV.
In the morning we drove through the park and stopped at some of the viewpoints along the way. It is a huge park so it takes quite a while to drive through.

There are a few beaches for swimming and many places for a picnic or hike.

We're glad that we didn't skip out on going to this park as it is massive and the views are great. It's much different than the parks in BC but still very beautiful.

When we first entered the park and purchased our camping permits we asked for advice from the park ranger. She gave us a map with a bunch of the great lookout points. We told her that we like to do shorter hikes and see viewpoints.

We tried to stop at all the cool spots on the way through. You could definitely spend a lot more time in this park than we did. It's huge and there is tons of opportunities for outdoor activities.
Make sure you bring in lots of food though. We made the mistake of not stocking up so we were running a bit low on supplies. We did try going to the stores they had in the park but they were overpriced. They were selling jar of tomato sauce for $8 and Mr Noodles for $4. We decided just to make do with the food that we had.
We made it to the other side of La Mauricie where our second campsite was located. We got all our gear set up and then we went on a hike to check out this bridge where people like to swim.
The hike ended up taking a lot longer than we expected.

We made it to the bridge where people like to swim. We didn't end up changing in to our swim suits because it wasn't all that warm. We were getting hungry as well so we wanted to get back to start making dinner.

There were a number of people swimming under the bridge.
Nearby we saw a ton of snakes. We thought it was one snake at first but looking closely we realised that it was a bunch of snakes all hanging out. There were some other people that stopped to look at the snakes when they saw us staring.

We headed back to the campsite, made dinner, went to sleep after reading our books. It's nice to wind down for the day with a book when you're camping. The next day we were off, leaving La Mauricie National Park behind us. We had such a great time there and we'd recommend it to anyone visiting Quebec.

If you enjoyed reading about our time at La Mauricie National Park then you will enjoy reading about the rest of our cross Canada road trip that we did for Canada 150. We go to all sorts of parks and cities across Canada and explore this huge country. Thanks for reading.