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Continuing on our two-month road trip across Canada for Canada's 150th birthday. We spent a lot of time camping and in the National Parks but we also like to visit big cities. It felt like a good change of pace to make it to Montreal. We went to Montreal two times on this cross Canada trip. We stopped through for lunch on the way East and then we stayed a little longer on the way back. We're going to combine both of these visits in one travel diary entry here.
We had left Toronto and stopped in Glenville, Ontario to camp. Our plan was to stop in Montreal but to make it to Quebec City. Montreal has a lot of vegan restaurants being a big city like it is.
We found a place called Vegano that had a brunch menu. It's an Italian Vegan restaurant.
The outside doesn't look like much. It was actually a little hard to find because it is so non-descript. It just has a small sign that says Vegano.

It's got a great brunch menu. We were so hungry that we ordered a croissant to start.
We really haven't eaten out a lot on this road trip so we were really enjoying our time sitting inside and having our food cooked for us. What a great thing restaurants are.

We got the vegan omelettes we ordered and immediately realised that we shouldn't have started with the croissants. We're not really sure what the vegan omelette is made of but it was but it was really delicious. Our guess is that it is made with polenta. It's probably a good guess since it is an Italian Vegan place after all.

We barely finished anything so we had lots of leftovers for dinner. We had to make our way to Quebec City and find a campsite. Our plan was to find a KOA campsite. It's a big chain of campsites.
There seems to be a lot of green spaces across Montreal which is nice to see. It's a nice looking city.
We left Montreal but had definite plans to return on our way back across Canada. We wanted to see more of the city and eat more delicious vegan food. We made our way to Quebec City.
We made it back to Montreal just like we planned! This time we weren't just passing through. We left La Mauricie National Park and we got a campsite not far outside Montreal city at the KOA campground. It was much cheaper than getting a hotel and since we had a car it wasn't too bad to drive in for the day and find parking. Parking is not too bad in Montreal.

We planned to meet up with Evelyne a Montreal blogger/YouTuber that we met through a Facebook group. She does a blog called Cultureatz. It's not a vegan food blog but sometimes she has some vegan stuff on there. It was a lot of fun meeting her as we had watched her videos before so it felt like we'd already met before.
We went for a walk and she showed us some of the really cool street art in Le Plateau neighbourhood. This street speaks for itself.

We stopped by Parc du Portugal which is cool because of the tiles in the Portuguese style in the park.

It's right near Leonard Cohen's old house. There is a street sign nearby giving tribute to Mr Cohen.
That's his house right there.

We tried to go to Sushi Momo but it was all booked up. Luckily Evelyne was familiar with Aux Vivres which is the first vegan restaurant in Montreal.
It must be great if it's been around for all this time.

It's a huge restaurant. We were surprised at how big it is and the menu had lots of stuff on there we wanted to try.
We made sure to get pictures of all of our food. It's hard to juggle blogging and vlogging while being social in person. We quickly took some pictures of our food like always.

We don't speak french aside from the absolute basics we learned in school so Evelyne was able to ask the server to put a candle in the cheesecake for Ms WLV's recent birthday without us being the wiser. How nice of her. A little birthday surprise.
The desserts we excellent and it was a lot of fun to be able to meet up with Evelyne and go out for dinner. Thanks for showing us around Evelyne!

After dinner, we went back to the campsite and chilled out until going to sleep. We had the tent set up since we were going to be there for a couple nights. The weather was good as well so we weren't worried about getting rained out.

We got ready and drove into Montreal. Honestly, the only plan we really had was to check out Sushi Momo since it looked so good. We were just up for winging the rest.

First, we drove onto Île Notre-Dame and drove around the F1 race track which was a lot of fun to do. We were driving pretty slow though.

Jimmy has driven on an F1 race track!

Next, we checked out the Montreal Biosphere.
We had fun driving in Montreal traffic which is sort of a nightmare but probably not as bad as Vancouver traffic really. It's hard to say.
We drove around the Old Town. One of us has already seen all this Old Town stuff and we didn't want to spend a lot of time down there.

It was very busy and touristy down there.

We went back to Le Plateau-Mont Royal to check out the area some more and go to Sushi Momo for lunch.
They have a deal where you get a multiple course meal for 2. It is pretty pricey but worth it for us since we wanted to try a little of everything.

We got edemame...
miso soup...
spring rolls...
an assortment of the most beautiful vegan sushi rolls you've ever seen....
and some vegan ice cream for dessert. We can't recommend Sushi Momo enough. We tend to be pretty positive people and not picky when it comes to food but Sushi Momo is top notch and will impress even the harest critics. Go there.
We made a quick stop at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, the Montreal based comic book publisher and store. What is the deal with non-discript storefronts in Montreal anyway?
Then we headed out of the city and back to our campsite. We got caught in some major traffic and it took quite awhile to get back.
Luckily back at the campsite, we had a pool to relax at before having dinner and reading our books. The site even had a book exchange which we used and traded some of our old books for new ones.
If you enjoyed reading about our time in Montreal then you are going to like reading about the rest of our road trip across Canada for Canada 150. We got a Parks Canada Discovery Pass and we were on a mission to see as much of this large country as possible in a two-month road trip.

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  1. Yay hat an awesome article and it was so fun meeting you guys. Glad you got to go to Sushi Momo finally (got to add it on my must try list). Miss you and till we meet again!

    1. We loved meeting you as well! Sushi Momo was amazing!! I think our favourite restaurant of all time! Please go and enjoy it for us!


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