The Neighbourhood of Fernwood, Victoria BC

One of our favourite neighbourhoods in Victoria is Fernwood. 

It is fun to walk around Fernwood. There are sidewalks and trees all over. It's also a quiet neighbourhood and it is not too far from the city centre/downtown area. You could walk downtown from Fernwood. We sort of used to live in Fernwood. It was barely Fernwood. We lived on the border of a few different neighbourhoods so it was hard to say which neighbourhood we lived in. We often went for walks around Fernwood since it is so nice.
We like the telephone poles in Fernwood because they are painted with different designs. It's nice to see out of the ordinary stuff when you go for a walk. There aren't any other neighbourhoods in Victoria with this kind of character.

There are some community gardens which is pretty cool to see as well. I guess Fernwood is sort of a bohemian neighbourhood.

It's the kind of neighbourhood you'd expect to find Dexter's Laboratory cartoons spray painted on garage doors and a mint green VW Westfalia. Actually, there are all different colours of VW vans in Fernwood. I think all the world's hippy vans are owned by Fernwood residents.
It's not really in Fernwood but the art gallery is really close by to Fernwood.
You can stop by and see all sorts of artwork or just take pictures of the outside.

The houses in Fernwood are cool looking too. They are all older wooden houses more or less built around the turn of the 20th century.

A great thing to look for on a walk around Fernwood is the community book exchanges. There are these little boxes filled with books. You can put your old books in them and take books you find in them. The idea is to give and take books with your neighbours.

They are all over and you never know what you might find in them.
Sure there is probably a few  copies of Windows 95 for Dummies but you can find some good ones too.

Anyway, Fernwood is a nice place to live and a good neighbourhood for a walk.
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