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Ontario: Yours to Discover (Our Discoveries)

Travel Diary:
One thing we learned driving through Ontario is how massive it is. We were feeling thankful to be in Ontario if only to get away from the bugs in Manitoba. Manitoba is beautiful but the bugs are not so fun to deal with. We made it just over the border to Kenora and we were able to relax outside by the lake without worrying about bugs. It felt great.

It felt like we were close to our goal of visiting our friend in Sarnia and checking out the vegan scene in Toronto. We were in Ontario but little did we know we really we weren't even close to southern Ontario. We had a long drive ahead. Luckily the outdoors in Ontario looked really nice.

Road Map: Google maps wouldn't allow me to put in our exact route. We took the Chi Cheemaun ferry from South Baymouth Terminal to Tobermory Ferry Terminal. We did not drive around like the map shows. We used google maps to find our way most of the time and this is our route through Ontario. Here we are at Lake Kenora.  On our way to …

Sault Ste. Marie Canal: Stop by the Locks

Travel Diary:
We were at a low point on our cross Canada road trip because of a tick bite back in Wabigoon and exhaustion setting in from constant travel. The possibility of getting Lyme disease was a bit of a downer but enough about that. We finished our tour of Lake Superior and headed on to Sault Ste. Marie.
Despite all that, we had a wonderful time visiting the Sault Ste Marie canal. It's a parks Canada historic site so we got in free with our Discovery Pass.  Watch me: 🔻🔻 You can rent those bikes with the really fat tires to ride around the park or you can hike like we did. It was a great walk in nature for a park so close to the city. Once you get over the actual canal bit of the park it becomes more of a nature reserve.
Sault Ste Marie is really close to the USA there is a bridge that crosses over to Michigan.
There are some nice trails in the park for walking. It felt great to relax for a while and make us feel less exhausted.
Sault Ste. Marie isn't a big city but it …

A Pit Stop in Canada's Capital City: Ottawa

Travel Diary We were making our way back west on our cross Canada road trip for Canada 150. We left Montreal and after driving for quite some time doing our best to avoid all the toll roads we made it to Ottawa. Aside from Ottawa being the capital of Canada we don't know much about it or what is there. We didn't have much time to explore as we were hoping to get back on the road quickly to make it to a friends place for dinner. We didn't want to pass by Ottawa though so we found parking at the National Gallery of Canada. It might have been the most expensive place to park in the whole city but we were a bit pressed for time and didn't feel like searching for a bargain if it was going to take us forever and eat up all our limited time there.
Our goal was to see the Parliament Hill and then get back on the road. We got a little lost trying to leave the National Gallery. We got a good view of Parliament Hill but we still had to figure out how to get over there. It was a l…