A Pit Stop in Canada's Capital City: Ottawa

Travel Diary
We were making our way back west on our cross Canada road trip for Canada 150. We left Montreal and after driving for quite some time doing our best to avoid all the toll roads we made it to Ottawa. Aside from Ottawa being the capital of Canada we don't know much about it or what is there.
We didn't have much time to explore as we were hoping to get back on the road quickly to make it to a friends place for dinner. We didn't want to pass by Ottawa though so we found parking at the National Gallery of Canada.
It might have been the most expensive place to park in the whole city but we were a bit pressed for time and didn't feel like searching for a bargain if it was going to take us forever and eat up all our limited time there.

Our goal was to see the Parliament Hill and then get back on the road.
We got a little lost trying to leave the National Gallery.
We got a good view of Parliament Hill but we still had to figure out how to get over there.
It was a lot further away than we thought. We walked through the park and past the canals. The Rideau Canal is a Parks Canada historic site. We would have stopped there if we had more time. 

We made it to Parliament Hill. It was interesting to see since we'd only ever seen it before on TV.
We had to get some photographic evidence that we were there.
There is a flame in front of the walkway that everyone was standing around. Across the street is a Terry Fox statue. 
We went to get tickets for a tour of the inside of the Parliament but they were all sold out. Who'd have thought it would be so popular? We got a VR tour instead at this booth.

We walked past the John A. MacDonald statue and made our way back to the National Galley Parking garage. Then we were on our way. It really was a quick pit stop in Ottawa. It felt a bit rushed but maybe we will make it back there sometime. Who knows. Maybe there isn't much else to see.

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