Ontario: Yours to Discover (Our Discoveries)

Travel Diary:

One thing we learned driving through Ontario is how massive it is. We were feeling thankful to be in Ontario if only to get away from the bugs in Manitoba. Manitoba is beautiful but the bugs are not so fun to deal with. We made it just over the border to Kenora and we were able to relax outside by the lake without worrying about bugs. It felt great.

It felt like we were close to our goal of visiting our friend in Sarnia and checking out the vegan scene in Toronto. We were in Ontario but little did we know we really we weren't even close to southern Ontario. We had a long drive ahead. Luckily the outdoors in Ontario looked really nice.

Road Map: Google maps wouldn't allow me to put in our exact route. We took the Chi Cheemaun ferry from South Baymouth Terminal to Tobermory Ferry Terminal. We did not drive around like the map shows.
We used google maps to find our way most of the time and this is our route through Ontario.
Here we are at Lake Kenora. 
On our way to Sarnia, we checked out Kakabeka Falls the second largest waterfall in Ontario. Check out our video on that leg of the trip.
We stopped at the giant Canada Goose in Wawa because that is what you do on a Canadian road trip. Obviously.
A lot of our drive in Northern Ontario followed along Lake Superior. We made a little video of our time camping around the lake.

We went the scenic route and took the Chi-Cheemaun ferry from one side of Lake Huron to the other. It didn't really save us time or money but it was a fun break from driving. You can check out the video we made on our ferry trip.
In luck at Bruce Peninsula National Park: Chi-Cheemaun ferry, national park and wedding day rainstorm
We were grateful we made it to our friend's place in Sarnia and it was great to chill with her for a few days, especially since we were pretty beat and overwhelmed with our choice to drive across Canada. What the hell were we thinking! That was something we asked ourselves daily.

It all seemed worth it, even though it was exhausting and a bit crazy. It's incredible that people do this drive all the time and much faster than we did. Check out the video on our time in Sarnia and the surrounding area.
Niagara Falls was definitely on our bucket list for awhile and it was amazing to see in person. These type of sites are best to see in person to appreciate them fully. We made a video on Niagara Falls of course.
We were still doing our best to stop at all the Parks Canada historic sites along the way and the one in Hamilton turned out to be a lot of fun. We went aboard the...
The biggest city in Canada was our next stop. Toronto hasve a big vegan scene and we were ready to blow all our money at vegan restaurants. We hadn't really eaten out much until we got to Toronto. We could have tried so many more places but we didn't want to break the bank.
Toronto was a lot of fun to explore. We made a couple videos on our Toronto visit.

Next, we continued east and saw some other provinces like Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia. Sorry, we didn't visit Newfoundland.

On our way back west we passed through Ontario again. This time we took a different route. We tried to not retrace our path on this road trip.

Of course, we stopped in Ottawa for a bit to check out the nation's capital. See our video.
From there we went into the bush a bit and visited our friend's rustic cabin. We got stuck in a bit of a rain storm.

They were nice enough to host us for the night and they made us dinner as well. It was delicious. Their neighbour joined us for dinner too! It was a great evening catching up with them, as we haven't seen them in a few years.
And they had the sweetest dogs.

Back on the road, we were thinking of a change of plans. We were considering driving into the USA to visit some family in Minnesota. Originally we were making this a strictly Canadian road trip but driving through the USA seemed like the best way to go.

We were considering different options on routes to go.
The funny thing is that it's much faster to drive through the USA than it is to drive on that highway in Northern Ontario. It's the never-ending highway as some people call it.

Our plan was to drive to Sault Ste Marie and cross into the USA from there. We stopped in Blind River and spent the night on the beach.

We made it to our favourite city in all of Canada, Sault Ste Marie, and did some Wal-Mart camping while waiting for our insurance company to open on Monday so we could purchase emergency medical insurance for our time in the USA.

And back to Walmart parking lot, while your husband shaves his face in preparation for the border crossing.
There was a bunch of people camping in the Wal-Mart parking lot. We asked inside and the staff said that Wal-Mart has no problem with parking lot camping but the city is against it. They said there was a chance we could receive a $10 fine from the city. $10 is much cheaper than getting at $50 campsite on the outskirts of town so it was a no-brainer. 

We are no doubt on the People of Wal-Mart website brushing our teeth in the parking lot, as we've camped at many a Wal-Mart.
It was a good sleep and we were ready to leave Ontario for good. That is it for our time in Ontario.


If you enjoyed reading this post then stay tuned for more on our cross Canada road trip for Canada 150. We head back west through the USA and stop in more cities. Road trips are a lot of fun and we certainly had a blast checking out all the sights to see on this one.