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Beautiful British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth

Travel Diary:
For the summer of Canada's 150th birthday, we did a cross Canada road trip. We had our free Parks Canada Discovery Pass in-hand to get us free access to all the National Parks across Canada. We started on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia and made our way East before travelling back West all the way to BC again.
Here is our travel diary travelling through BC both going west and coming back east.
First Leg: Vancouver to Merritt BC
We were not really sure how far we would make it for our first drive. We have been on some road trips before but it isn't something that we've done a lot. It's the first time we've done a road trip on mainland BC so we had the rough goal of making it to Merritt which seemed like a reasonable distance. It wasn't too far or too close.
Here is a short video of our time in Merritt: The weather was great when we started in Tsawwassen but then as we left Delta it was pouring pretty much until we made it to Merritt.