It's March and Spring is Finally Here!

If you missed last month's update, find it here: The Month that just FLIES by!

We ended our Vancouver Island spotlight series, this does not mean we won't be posting about Vancouver Island anymore, we just may not have posted on Vancouver Island every month. Our new spotlight will be highlighting vegan travellers.

We started practising acro-yoga which resulted in one of us breaking a finger. We were getting pretty good at it, watch our week-long practice to see for yourself. The clip where I break my finger is in there!

This month we shared our trip from Vancouver in January. We just spent our time eating a lot of delicious junk food.  Vancouver Concert Trip with a side of Vegan Junkfood

An advantage of having a broken finger and being unable to work is spending the day out in nature! My mother and I walked along the shorelines in Vancouver Island. You can feel that spring is really just around the corner.

This month our vegan guide is for the city of Montreal. (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month). Hanging out in Montreal was one of the highlights of our road trip across Canada. It's such an exciting city and there are tons of places with excellent vegan food to check out. Planning a visit? Check out our vegan guide to Montreal.

We added a few more posts about our road trip across Canada to our Travel Diary blog: .. See the newest posts on our road trip: A Pit Stop in Canada's Capital City: OttawaSault Ste. Marie Canal: Stop by the Locks and Ontario: Yours to Discover (Our Discoveries)

Between all my doctor's appointments fixing my finger, I like to relax with a beautiful walk. I have also been getting caught up on my reading and #yogaeverydamnday! It has been really lovely catching up on my self-care. We often forget to take time for ourselves. Book time with yourself. Do what makes you feel happy.

We tried the new beyond meat burger at Coach and Horses. It was really great. We love us a vegan burger so when we heard about this one we had to try it asap. If you are looking for a vegan burger that looks and tastes incredibly similar to a beef burger then this is the burger for you. Regardless of whether or not it will fool meat eaters, it tastes great. The fries were fantastic as well. We enjoyed the British pub atmosphere and it was a pleasant meal. From the sounds of it, they have more vegan option in the works at the Coach and Horses. Great news!

For our travel tips this month we shared what we really enjoyed about Canada, and what was not so nice! 'The Best and Worst that Canada has to Offer' (Remember to check back the third Sunday of every month for more travel tips from us.)

We had some time off together this month, as one of us is off due to a broken finger and the other is between construction jobs. So we went thrift store shopping and found some of the books we have been wanting to read. We also made some vegan fish cakes! We used So Vegans recipe here:

For our new spotlight series, we now introduce you to Vegan Travellers We will post about new vegan travellers the fourth Sunday of every month. This month we reintroduced you to The Nomadic Vegan!

We are so excited about how many new vegan options are popping up around town. Baby Salsa now offers vegan chorizo that can be added to any of their menu items. We went for the Nacho Supreme! The Chorizo tasted great on these nachos.

Ben and Jerry's have also released Half Baked and Cherry Garcia. We had to run out and try both of them. YUM YUM! That is now 5 flavours in Canada.

We made some spanikopita to contribute to our family's Greek-themed Easter dinner. They turned out pretty well. My sister did all the rest of the cooking. Thanks for making stuff we could eat sis! It turned out to be a great dinner.

To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: Keeping Up With the Wanderlust Vegans: April 2018