Journey through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota

Travel Diary:

Continuing our cross Canada road trip we decided to go into the USA on our way back west.

We had a fun time getting through the US/Canada border at the Sault Ste Marie border crossing. We were going into the USA rather than driving back west through Ontario.

Going through the border wasn't that bad but our unique living situation made us seem a bit suspicious to the border security so we were taken aside for a secondary search. It's the only time that has ever happened to us which is pretty lucky. We wrote a post on the situation which you can check out called
How NOT to look suspicious at a border-crossing.

It was a lot of fun to be in the USA for a bit of a change. We were in Michigan which is a state that neither of us has been to before.
The weather was holding up really nicely as well and we stopped to get some pictures of us in Michigan.
We were planning on visiting some friends that live in Minnesota but it is quite a long drive from Michigan to Minnesota so our plan was just to see how far we could get. Maybe we would make it.
We purchased travel insurance for our time in the USA but we didn't have a phone plan. Our plan was to communicate via wifi to let our friends know our time of arrival as we had a pretty easy time finding wifi on our road trip so far.

We were really enjoying the low cost of gas in the USA as it was much cheaper than the gas in Canada. It took us awhile to find a gas station that didn't look like something out of a horror movie. The first one we came across looked like it might have been the first gas station in the history of the world. It looked like it had seen much better days and there were some interesting political signs all over that were a bit out there.

We held out until we came across a Sunoco gas station, which said it was the official gas station of NASCAR. That's good enough for us! Our favourite gas station comes up later in this post. It has the best name ever!
We were on a roll and energized so we just kept driving. Soon we were through Michigan, through Wisconsin and into Minnesota. Somehow we weren't able to find wifi anywhere. At least wifi that actually worked. 
Finally, after failing to connect to the wifi at a McDonalds, we parked near a family restaurant that had a surprisingly strong wifi signal that wasn't private. We let our friends know we were coming and confirmed that that was alright. Then we got back on the road.

The weather was fantastic for most of the drive so it was a shock when we hit a crazy storm. There was intense wind, pouring rain, the sun had set so it was pitch black and there were all sorts of wild animals running across the road. There was even a fallen tree that we just narrowly avoided thanks to someone flashing their lights at us as a signal.

Anyway, we made it to our friends place and it was such a great experience getting to visit with them and relax for a bit as well. They were such good hosts and we felt very much at home while we were there. We did a lot of hanging out at the house while we were there but we also ventured out a few times.

Our friends are big into the craft beer scene. While visiting we went to the Hammerheart Brewery which has a Scandinavian/Nordic/Celtic vibe to it which reflects the fact that a lot of the early European settlers of the area where Finns, Swedes and Norwegians. 
The also play metal inside the bar. I noticed that they were playing Converge while we were there which one of us appreciated at least. They have some outside seating. Hammerheart Brewing Company's beer is made without animal products which is great.

They have a lot of really uniquely flavoured lagers and ales. They even have a Kombucha if that is more up your alley.
We also went to Minneapolis and check out a few places with vegan food while we were in Minnesota. We made a video. We didn't take a lot of footage of our time in Minnesota as most of the time was spent visiting but we did manage to record the stuff we ate at the restaurants we visited.
We made a quick Vegan Guide to Minneapolis, Minnesota for anyone looking to visit this fair city in the future!

Such a nice dog, right?
During our time there we went to a pancake breakfast event put on to support veterans and veteran organizations. Veterans can face problems with mental health, disabilities, and employment. This is why events like this and veterans organizations aim to help veterans with support and community to improve their lives. 

Here we are back at the house eating our Herbivourous Butcher Korean ribs with some tortilla chips. We had the vegan cheese with some crackers.

We had a great visit but it was time to get a move on. We didn't want to overstay our welcome. 
Back on the road, we gassed up at our favourite gas station in the world...SUPER AMERICA! What a fantastic name for a gas station. Not just America my friends, SUPER America! Hell yeah. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Now we were driving through North Dakota on our way back up to Canada. North Dakota was another US state for us to check off the bucket list.

There wasn't a whole lot to see in North Dakota but it was a nice drive. The weather was great. Can't complain. If we went through South Dakota we could have seen the famous Mt. Rushmore.
That's it for our time in the USA. We made it back to Canada at the North Dakota, Saskatchewan border. We didn't have any trouble getting back through the border but that's usually how it is. All the border guard said was "anything goods to declare?" I said, "yeah, just this Mello Yellow drink" and then he waved us through.

If you enjoyed reading about our time visiting the USA then you will like reading about some of the other times visiting to US. We've been to a few different places in the US now and seen some cool stuff. You will probably want to check out the rest of our cross Canada road trip as we are getting closer to the end of the journey but there is still much to share on that road trip.