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A Day Exploring The Las Vegas Strip

Travel Diary:
This is a continuation of our Las Vegas travel diary. We had a great time staying in Downtown Las Vegas and exploring Fremont Street. We didn't just stay Downtown the whole time, we ventured out to see more of Las Vegas as there is so much to see.
The plan for the day was to take the "Deuce" bus to the Las Vegas strip and see all the fancy hotels. The "Deuce" is a pretty inexpensive way to see the Las Vegas strip. It runs 24/7 and goes up and down the strip. We visited Treasure Island a hotel with a pirate theme. This nipple tweaking is a call back to our visit to Copenhagen the home of Hans Christian Anderson the writer of the Little Mermaid. Inside there was stuff on display amongst the slot machines like this fancy motorcycle. We wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil show and we shopped around for a good deal. It seemed like it might have cheaper to buy tickets online as some of the prices were way more at the box office. The half-price ticket booth…