A Day Exploring The Las Vegas Strip

Travel Diary:

This is a continuation of our Las Vegas travel diary. We had a great time staying in Downtown Las Vegas and exploring Fremont Street. We didn't just stay Downtown the whole time, we ventured out to see more of Las Vegas as there is so much to see.

The plan for the day was to take the "Deuce" bus to the Las Vegas strip and see all the fancy hotels.
The "Deuce" is a pretty inexpensive way to see the Las Vegas strip. It runs 24/7 and goes up and down the strip.
We visited Treasure Island a hotel with a pirate theme.
This nipple tweaking is a call back to our visit to Copenhagen the home of Hans Christian Anderson the writer of the Little Mermaid.
Inside there was stuff on display amongst the slot machines like this fancy motorcycle.
We wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil show and we shopped around for a good deal. It seemed like it might have cheaper to buy tickets online as some of the prices were way more at the box office. The half-price ticket booth on Fremont Street didn't offer much of a deal either.
We got passed a flyer for a discount on the Beatles show and it seemed like the best deal we were going to get. The tickets were the same price as we were seeing online so it was doubtful they were getting any cheaper. We got the tickets even though it was still kind of expensive. This is probably the only time we are going to see a Cirque du Soleil show.

We carried on down the Strip and then took the bus to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

One of our goals was to see the sign and get a picture.
We didn't bother waiting in line to get a picture in front of the sign without anyone else in the photo.
This is was it really looks like there folks. There is a big line up to get your picture in front of the sign.
We took the bus back to Mandalay Bay which is where one of the restaurants with vegan options was.
The streets are much bigger on this side of Las Vegas.
After getting lost inside Mandalay Bay we managed to find the Border Grill. It's a chain and there were a bunch of locations on the strip offering a Veganuary menu.
For someone looking for a fancier meal this would have been great but at the time we were looking for something a bit simpler. We went walking through Mandalay Bay toward the Luxor Hotel.

We went past the Guinness Store. Guinness is finally vegan as they have done away with filtering their stout using isinglass aka fish gelatin.
We made it to Hussong's Cantina which had a Veganuary menu. We came at the right time though because we showed up right at Vegan Happy Hour!
They had special deals on vegan food for their vegan happy hour!

The three-course Veganuary menu looked great but it was impossible to pass up the vegan happy hour deals.
We tried one of each of the vegan tacos made with Gardein beef, chicken, and fish. All vegan mock meats.
The quesadilla was excellent as well. Our server was very friendly and helpful.
We were very happy we stopped there. At this point, we were eating at strange times, just whenever we found a place and happened to be hungry.
The Luxor is a big pyramid and it is very cool looking inside.
From the Luxor, we made it to the Excalibur. The casinos are connected with walking paths and corridors.

There is a casino that is made to look like NYC called New York, New York. It is kind of funny being in a fake NYC. It makes us want to visit the real NYC though.

At this point, we were kind of on a roll walking. The distance between the casinos is pretty far but we just kept on going.
We passed through different shopping centres and casinos. They are interesting enough just to walk through.
I don't think we could afford to buy anything in the shops as it is all expensive designer stuff.
We made it to the Bellagio for the water fountain show outside. The show runs every 15 minutes or something like that.
Across the way was Paris a hotel made to look like the city of Paris. And there was Caesars Palace close by as well.
The fountain show is very impressive.
We went inside the Bellagio which is an exceptionally classy hotel/casino. It is stylish and doesn't look tacky like some of the other casinos.

Our goal was to walk back to the Mirage in time for our Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show. Hell Kitchen is the Gordon Ramsay restaurant. I doubt that they have vegan options.

Vegas is pretty strange. You walk along the Strip and see some Roman temple and then a Buddist Shrine and then across the street is the Flamingo, a casino built by Gangster Bugsy Seagal. Weird.

Apparently, the pirate show in front of Treasure Island doesn't happen anymore. They haven't had a show there for ten years or something.
We stopped by the outside of the Mirage to watch their fire show. It was pretty incredible.
Inside the Mirage we hung out waiting for our show to start. One of the strangest things we saw was an Ellen slot machine. It was a bit ridiculous.
We enjoyed the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show. It was amazing. Our seats were in the very front row. There were cheaper because at the very front you have sort of an obstructed view of the show but we didn't mind. We really didn't want to pay much more for the show. As it was the tickets were a big spend for us.
After the Cirque du Soleil show we returned to our hotel and went to sleep. We had to wake up the next day to make it to the airport and fly back to Vancouver Island. It was a successful trip and it was fantastic to be able to check out Las Vegas during Veganuary to try out a whole lot of vegan food options while exploring the city. It seemed like we saw a lot more of the city than we expected to and we feel like we would return sometime in the future as flights and accommodation are pretty inexpensive. Thanks for reading.