Old Vegas: Stay on Fremont Street

Travel Diary

The last time we were in Las Vegas was a number of years ago and we didn't have any plans to return. We hadn't heard anything about good vegan options in Vegas and last time we were in Vegas we weren't vegan.

Thanks to a post in a Vancouver vegan facebook group we learned about the Vegans, Baby organized Veganuary event which shed a lot of light on Las Vegas's great vegan scene.

Next thing you know, we're booking flights to Vegas for Veganuary.
We remembered from our last time in Vegas that we enjoyed the Downtown Las Vegas area the best. Vegans, Baby gave us a bit of advice on the best areas to stay for vegan options and DTLV seemed like the way to go.
The El Cortez Hotel which was started by the famous gangster Bugsy Seagal was our pick for this visit to Las Vegas. It was great because of the old Las Vegas vibe and the rooms were good.
We could see a giant lizard from the window of our room.
We got to the hotel from the airport by taking the city bus. It was a little bit of a challenge to find the city bus at the airport but it saved us a ton of money in cab fare. It also didn't take all that long for us to get to downtown LV. We got to our hotel and checked in which was easy.
Here we are in the lobby of El Cortez in front of this classic car. The mother/MOL is our photographer as she is powerless to resist a visit to Las Vegas.
After settling in we went exploring.
There was a lot of interesting stuff nearby. El Cortez is right on Fremont Street in the Fremont East District.

We spotted a giant Praying Mantis and went over to see it closer.
It was part of a shopping area called Container Park which is a lot like Boxpark in London, UK. It has a lot of restaurants and shops so we planned on coming back a bit later to look around.
Right now we were focused on finding some vegan food. We had a place in mind. The place we wanted to check out immediately was Vegenation. We went to many places for vegan food in LV and we made a vlog about it so check it out here:
It was really close by to our hotel and the Container Park. It was just a couple blocks away.
We were really hungry and the menu had a lot of interesting choices.

It was actually pretty busy in the restaurant. I'm not sure what time we were there but it must have been a late lunch rush or something.
We wanted to try it all because all the descriptions sounded so good.
In the end, we got a mixture of appetizers and mains as well. We went with the vegan sushi called Save the Tuna. It was excellent.
The Buffalo Cauliflower Wings were absolutely amazing. Who'd have thought cauliflower could taste so good. We could have eaten plate after plate of these honestly.
The My Little Dumplings were very good as well. It was interesting having a mix of different flavours for lunch.
The Vegenation Burger was good but in retrospect, I wish I ordered something else on their menu as I've had a million veggie burgers before. It was on the healthier side of veggie burgers with a patty made of beans and rice. Vegenation has so many creative menu items that it's a bit surprising I didn't try something else but I guess at the time I just wanted something basic.
Holy smokes, the Daniel Negreanu is absolutely delicious. This is a vegan meatball sub. We had no idea who Daniel Negreanu is but it sounded good and it was. Apparently, Daniel Negreanu is a Canadian Professional Poker player and he happens to be vegan as well. You'd think we would have heard of him but this was the first time.
We were very pleased with Vegenation and we'd go back in a heartbeat.
Back at Container Park, we saw a few signs for vegan stuff.
There was a jerky store that sold vegan cactus jerky. We decided to try it out since we'd never seen it before and I don't think you can get it anywhere back in BC.

Next, we took a ride around the block in a self-driving car. This was before the recent fatal self-driving car accident in Arizona so we weren't worried at all. Plus we were driving in the day and there was a driver inside the self-driving car that could take over if needed.
It was a quick spin around the block but really fun.
Closer to our hotel there was a market that advertised many vegan options. We planned on visiting for breakfast.
Back at the hotel, we hung out for a while. The hotel gave us some free stuff. We got vouchers for free slot play, keno, free drinks and some other stuff like that. We very much like taking advantage of free stuff.
We also did a bit of planning out some of the other stuff we wanted to see. We like to do this on our downtime when we are visiting a place. We could plan it all ahead but that's not how we roll.
The sun was going down. It wasn't that warm or cold in Las Vegas. We were there in January remember so it was hoodie weather the whole time except for the middle of the day when it was a bit too hot to wear a hoodie without sweating.
The sun was down and we were out exploring Fremont Street. Being Vegas there are neon signs all over the place. It is very exciting just to walk around as every place is competing for your attention.
Evel Pie has vegan pizza options so we took note for later.
Very old school looking PBR sign.
We were leaving Fremont East and heading into the other part of Fremont Street where a lot of the action is.

Inspired by our friend ThomQuinoa we made sure to let the Heart Attack Grill know what we think of them.
One of the attractions of Fremont Street is the Fremont Street Experience. It is a giant video screen roof over the street that shows animated music video every hour or so.
There are of course casinos all over the place with flashy signs. At this point, all the casinos on Fremont Street are so old that they look cool because of how retro they are.
Here we are enjoying ourselves on Fremont Street.
There are street performers and bands playing all along Fremont Street. It is such a chaotic atmosphere with so much going on at once.
We had a craving for Nachos so we headed to Nacho Daddy as they have a vegan menu.
They were so good that we couldn't help but dig in right away. We forgot to take a picture of them beforehand which is not something that happens often. We probably could have eaten one of these each rather than sharing one between the three of us. Luckily they had bottomless chips and salsa deal which filled us up. Remember back in the days before people took pictures of their food?
The vegan chocolate cake was excellent as well.

Here we are back at the hotel in the elevator. It a bit tricky to take pictures in a Casino since it is frowned upon. We called it a night.
For breakfast, we went to the Market across the street. It's just called The Market.
There is so many vegan options there. We got a vegan breakfast burrito with tofu scramble inside.
We got a Vegan Chicken and Beignets which is something new to us.
Here is the tofu scramble on its own rather than burrito form.
It was a good breakfast. Some of ours were healthier than others, *cough *cough vegan chicken and beignets *cough *cough.
As if the Beignets weren't enough we went to the famous Donut Bar but as it turned out they were all sold out of vegan donuts.
They usually have quite a few options but sometimes they don't last long. They told us to come back in the morning to be sure that there was some available.

We went around Fremont Street again and did a bit of looking around in the shops for souvenirs and stuff.

Then we checked out container park a bit closer to see what vegan options they have. We got some coffee but there is only so much food we can eat. We took a picture of Cheffini's because they have vegan hot dogs there.
We felt like we were spoiled for options in Downtown LV.
Back on Fremont, we stopped by Evel Pie to get a vegan pizza for Mom since she was going solo for dinner. It is Evel Knievel themed. He's the famous stuntman.
We played some pinball while we waited.
The pizza looked amazing and it tasted great. We got to try some of the leftovers later on as a late night snack.
While Mom played the slots we took a trip to the Outlet mall and did some shopping. We got some cheap Vans shoes at an outlet mall in Seattle a few years back so we were hoping to find a Vans outlet store with some good deals. They did have some good deals so we got ourselves some new Vans shoes.
While Mom was occupied we met up with blogger and Veganuary organizer Vegans, Baby for a crispy vegan Chick'n Burger at Flippin' Good Chicken Burgers.
It was a lot of fun getting to meet Vegans, Baby and the burgers were fantastic. The onion rings were good as well. We were so happy we got a chance to hang out and talk with Vegans, Baby. She did a great job organizing the Veganuary in Las Vegas. We weren't there to go to any of the vegan meetups, unfortunately. It all came down to timing around work and flights. She helped with restaurants creating Veganuary menus. There were a number of restaurants around LV that offered special Veganuary menus which is very cool.
We called it a night and then the next day got up a bit early to go get some vegan donuts from the Donut Bar. It was hard to pick which ones to get so I got them all. I figured we could split them up. There was more than enough for all of us to share.

Downtown Las Vegas is an exciting place to stay and we couldn't recommend staying there enough. We much prefer this part of Vegas to staying on the Strip because of all the vegan options in walking distance but the Strip is exciting as well. Check back May 23rd for more on our trip to Vegas where we go to the Las Vegas Strip and walk around exploring all the fancy casinos.