Why we didn't go to Newfoundland

We went on a cross Canada road trip in 2017 for Canada's 150th birthday. We went from BC to Nova Scotia but we ended up skipping Newfoundland. We went to every province in Canada except for Newfoundland and people often ask us why we didn't go to Newfoundland! It definitely would have been a lot of fun to go to Newfoundland. We had our reasons and we figured we'd shed some light on why we didn't make the trip.

The size of Newfoundland is part of what put us off. Newfoundland is a bigger island than you might imagine. The size of the island is big but the population is small. There is only about 500,000 people in Newfoundland and Labrador but Newfoundland island is bigger than Ireland! There is only one highway going across Newfoundland and it takes quite a long time to drive from one side to the other. It's about 900km from Port aux Basques to St. John's.

The cost of the ferry caught us by surprise. It is more than we expected. The option that a lot of people do is to take the shorter ferry (North Sydney, NS to Port aux Basques, NL), then drive to St John's and then take the longer ferry (Argentia, NL to North Sydney, NS) back to Nova Scotia. This would involve more costs for driving, fuel, camping, and accommodation. The total cost of our trip across Canada was up to $2500 one way so adding $750-$1000 just for a ferry, let alone food, accommodation, fuel, seemed like a huge expense.

We had already been on the road for about a month at this point and the plan was for the trip to take about 2 months. We were also starting to loose the motivation to extend the road trip any longer than necessary. Given the cost to get over to Newfoundland we didn't feel like we had enough time and energy to make the most of our time there. We didn't want to spend all that money just to do a superficial visit to check a box. When we do go to Newfoundland we want to have a good amount of time to explore.

The ferry is a much longer ride than any of the ferries we've taken back in BC. We've been on plenty of BC ferries but they are all 2 hours or less. The ferry to Newfoundland is super long by comparision. One of the ferries is 6 hours and the other is 16 hours. 16 hours! That is quite the long time. We didn't feel up for doing such a long ferry ride.

We have nothing against Newfoundland and it would have been a pleasure to make it there but we didn't see it as worth it at the time. There is a lot to see in Newfoundland. There is tons of beautiful nature and you could easily spend a full week there or more seeing all the sights there is to see. We felt like it would be better to return there in the future so we decided to save the Newfoundland road trip for a future date.

Have you been on a road trip around Newfoundland? Have any advice for sights to see and places to visit? Leave a comment below so we can start planning our Newfoundland trip.