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Canada to England: Week One, Sunny Days

Travel Diary:
We made it back to England. We didn't have a direct flight, but we took what was cheapest to get to our destination:  London, Gatwick!  We took some selfies with the Canadian Moose and Whales as we said Goodbye to Canada for a few months. 
Our first flight wasn't the greatest:  The lady beside me decided to take her shoes and socks off and put her feet on the seat, and they touched my leg! Yuck! The lady behind us was trying to pick up clients for her business the whole time, talking really loudly and didn't stop talking for the whole flight. Finally, Calgary was quite windy, so our plane was jumping all around and it was a little bit scary. We were glad to touch the ground and get off, that's for sure. 
Our second flight was must nicer. Smooth takeoff and landing. Pretty good vegan meals onboard, people were quiet and I didn't get sat next to the feet lady (She was on the second flight, but we don't know who got stuck sitting with her)   We actua…

Our Parks Canada #sharethechair

Welcome to OUR Parks Canada.

We went on a cross Canada road trip in the summer of 2017. It was Canada's 150th birthday and so Parks Canada gave away discovery passes for free. The Parks Canada pass gets you free entry into all the national parks. Normally you have to pay an entry fee. The entry fee is just to get you access to the park. If you are looking to camp then you have to purchase a camping permit on top of that.

Our plan for our road trip was to visit as many Parks Canada parks and historic sights as possible. We ended up getting to see a lot more Parks Canada parks than we would have ever expected to see. One thing that we loved about visiting the parks was the red chairs that they had in each park. We tried to find as many of the red chairs as we could and get a picture with them. The red chairs were also placed in the park at the best lookout spots.

Canada Parks has a hashtag on Instagram called #Sharethechair. Our goal was to find as many as we could and share them on …