Canada to England: Week One, Sunny Days

Travel Diary:

We made it back to England. We didn't have a direct flight, but we took what was cheapest to get to our destination:  London, Gatwick! 
We took some selfies with the Canadian Moose and Whales as we said Goodbye to Canada for a few months. 

Our first flight wasn't the greatest:  The lady beside me decided to take her shoes and socks off and put her feet on the seat, and they touched my leg! Yuck! The lady behind us was trying to pick up clients for her business the whole time, talking really loudly and didn't stop talking for the whole flight. Finally, Calgary was quite windy, so our plane was jumping all around and it was a little bit scary. We were glad to touch the ground and get off, that's for sure. 

Our second flight was must nicer. Smooth takeoff and landing. Pretty good vegan meals onboard, people were quiet and I didn't get sat next to the feet lady (She was on the second flight, but we don't know who got stuck sitting with her)  
We actually got seated with another vegan who was travelling to do a Europe group tour! She had requested her seat, we did not, so we think because you have to call ahead to request a vegan meal, that they sat us all together to make things easier for the staff. We noticed that all the gluten-free requests were all sitting nearby us as well. 
Although we didn't get to sleep quite as much as we would have liked too, the overall flight was pretty good. We would fly AirTransit again.. (Because we have too, as we booked our return with them).

We arrived in Gatwick and our friend from Birmingham (Who we are staying with) picked us up and took us 'home'. We were given our own bedroom and bathroom on the far side of the house, out of the way. That was much more than we could have asked for and are very appreciative of their hospitality. 
Since we just arrived we didn't have anything major planned yet. We just wanted to focus on getting over jet lag as soon as possible. We tried taking short naps so that we could go to sleep at a normal time. Our goal was to be awake for as long as possible in the daylight.
We have heard that being outside in the sunshine can help too so we went for a walk to the park. The weather was better than we could have expected and we went for a walk to the town centre. 
We figured that it was going to be miserable rainy weather in the UK when we got there but thankfully that turned out not to be the case.
We picked up some snacks from Aldi and had a picnic in the park.
There a few shady spots to sit at underneath the trees. 
All that time in the sunshine made us want to take a nap. We thought we were over our jet lag but then it hit us again. We've heard that it can take a day per hour time difference. Not sure what the reasoning behind that is but it sounds possible.
After a nap, we met up with our friend PlantBasedNurse for some Mr. Singh's pizza just like old times.
You still got it Mr. Singh's!
The next day we had some fun outside. We went for a walk with our friend and host up the Clent Hills.
More outside activities to get us over the jet lag. We were trying our best to stick to a normal sleep schedule. Waking up at a normal time in the morning and going to sleep at night. Sometimes we would throw a nap in there if we really needed it.
Going for walks like this is great but the weather isn't always this perfect. There were a number of other people out for a walk as well because we all had the same idea it seemed. In the UK you have to take advantage of sunny weather when you get it.

We accidentally called this Mt. Clent but it's not really a mountain at all is it. Just a hill.
There are some stones at the top in a circle. 
Of course, taking advantage of the view on top of Clent for Instagram yoga is a must.
Lots of bluebells all over the hill.

Another day we made the trip to Moseley to go to Damascena for lunch. It has come highly recommended by many people we know but somehow we never made it there when we were in Birmingham before. It's a Syrian cafe with amazingly fresh and tasty food. We love hummus and falafel. Their food has great portion sizes so we were stuffed by the time we finished eating.
Nearby Moseley Bog is a nice walk. Our friend said that it's one of the places that inspired JRR Tolkien the author of LOTR and the Hobbit. 
Those hobbits never had a nice footpath like we had to go through the bog.
Moseley is a nice area. Somehow we'd never been to Moseley Bog last time in Birmingham. 
We weren't doing too bad with the jet lag even after a big meal and a walk.
We did have some caffeine back at the house to keep us going through.

That night we had a ludicrous vegan meal. We had a lot of bread to use up so we made grilled cheese sandwiches with Violife vegan cheese and then we used those sandwiches instead of burger buns for our vegan burgers. We fried up some red and white onions as well and each put on our favourite sauces on there. It tasted good but we would not recommend eating like this on a regular basis. Duh!

It was a great first week in the UK and it seems like we have overcome our jet lag for the most part. It's been fun seeing our UK friends again. We have more travel plans so stay tuned for more as we try to hit all the stuff we missed the first time and revisit our favourite spots as well.