Our Parks Canada #sharethechair

Welcome to OUR Parks Canada.

We went on a cross Canada road trip in the summer of 2017. It was Canada's 150th birthday and so Parks Canada gave away discovery passes for free. The Parks Canada pass gets you free entry into all the national parks. Normally you have to pay an entry fee. The entry fee is just to get you access to the park. If you are looking to camp then you have to purchase a camping permit on top of that.

Our plan for our road trip was to visit as many Parks Canada parks and historic sights as possible. We ended up getting to see a lot more Parks Canada parks than we would have ever expected to see. One thing that we loved about visiting the parks was the red chairs that they had in each park. We tried to find as many of the red chairs as we could and get a picture with them. The red chairs were also placed in the park at the best lookout spots.

Canada Parks has a hashtag on Instagram called #Sharethechair. Our goal was to find as many as we could and share them on Instagram.

National Parks:
Glacier - British Columbia
Yoho - British Columbia
Banff - Alberta
The Canadian Rockies have got to be the most scenic place we visited in Canada. Everywhere we looked it was postcard material or National Geographic material. The mountains and the snow and the lakes make for incredible photos. We enjoyed our time there a whole lot and would recommend that other people go there on a road trip too. The Rockies are pretty close to us yet we haven't seen them in quite a long time so it was time we both saw them again as adults.

Elk Island - Alberta

Elk Island is an enjoyable park for a day trip. We're glad we made the stop there. While we didn't have much luck finding the Bison at Elk Island National Park for our video, we did have a lot of fun exploring and walking along Astotin Lake. We got to get more pictures with red chairs for our collection. Also, just as we were leaving we saw a big herd of bison but we weren't able to get it on camera. You'll have to take our word for it that we've seen bison.

Riding Mountain - Manitoba

We were very excited to be covering so much ground on our road trip and getting to see so many amazing national parks like Riding Mountain. It was a gorgeous day and it just doesn't get any better than enjoying a walk in a beautiful park. This is probably our favourite place we saw in Manitoba.

Bruce Peninsula - Ontario
We made it to South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island in order to catch the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry to  Tobermory on Bruce Peninsula. We were interested in making it to the Bruce Peninsula National Park on our quest to see as many Parks Canada parks and sites as possible. See the video of the good times we had around Lake Huron.

La Mauricie - Quebec
Continuing our cross Canada road trip we were on our way back west. We made it out of New Brunswick and into Quebec. We saw that there was a nice National Park called La Mauricie National Park that was partway between Quebec City and Montreal close to Trois-Rivières. We drove into the national park and found our campsite at the campground la Rivière-à-la-Pêche. There were quite a few different campsites in the park. Once we got settled into the campsite we drove over to the hiking trail called Mekinac. There was supposed to be beavers but we didn't find any, unfortunately.

Kouchibouguac - New Brunswick

Sure, we never figured out how to say it correctly but Kouchibouguac is a wonderful National Park. We camped there and we hung out at Kellys Beach which is an incredible place to visit. It has to be one of the highlights of our trip across Canada. It was cool exploring New Brunswick which is a province we don't hear much about. The weather was beautiful while we were at the beach and although it rained a little on our campsite we were pretty well covered in the trees. We hope you enjoyed checking out our time there and we hope you make it to Kouchibouguac as soon as possible. We think it is pronounced Koo-Chee-Boo-Gwak.

Fundy - New Brunswick
We were only briefly in Fundy Bay as they were all booked up. We tried all of their campsites and everyone was booked and the surrounding area. So depending on what time of year you visit Fundy Bay, be sure to have a reservation. They do have many campsites, hopefully, they are open and not full when you go. From the drive through we did, it seemed like it was a beautiful park. We would have liked to explore some more.

Prince Edward Island - PEI

It wasn't planned but it was very fitting that we made it to PEI for Canada Day. Prince Edward Island is the birthplace of Canada you might say because it is where the confederation of the provinces was discussed. That discussion led to the creation of Canada in 1867. 150 years later we arrived in PEI just in time to enjoy some great Canada Day celebrations in this beautiful maritime province. The best things about PEI National Park are the beaches and the camping. We found a spot right across the street from the beach and it was a great spot to camp. We spent a few days walking along the white sandy beaches. You can also walk on red beaches, which is really cool.

Cape Breton Highlands - Nova Scotia

We've heard nothing but great things about Cape Breton and how beautiful it is there so we were very excited that our SUV Wanderlust Jimmy made it there. We had the goal of making it to the east coast and once upon a time that goal seemed a little bit crazy but we made it. One of the best parts about visiting Cape Breton is the Cabot Trail and the Cape Breton Highlands. You get to drive along the coast and the views are incredible. We would definitely recommend people do a road trip to Cape Breton because the views you get are gorgeous.

Historical Site
Fort Rodd Hill - British Columbia

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse are absolutely worth a visit if you are in the Victoria area. The scenery is fantastic if the weather is great and maybe even if it's nasty outside. We had somehow never been there despite being Vancouver Islanders but you know what they say about locals not exploring their own backyard. 

Rocky Mountain House - Alberta

We made it through the Rocky Mountains and stopped at a Parks Canada site to camp. Rocky Mountain House used to be a trading post going back to the 1800s. We enjoyed walking around seeing the park and camping there too. Check it out and see what Parks Canada parks are like. They have red chairs!

Rogers Pass - British Columbia
We had to stop and get a shot of the beautiful mountains when we went through Roger's Pass. It is in Glacier National Park and the drive is one of the most scenic ones you will go on in Canada.

Fort Battleford - Saskatchewan
We arrived super late to Fort Battleford but the workers there were kind enough to let us have a look around for 10 minutes since we had come all this way. It's a big fort with lots of open space surrounded by a wooden wall and there is a number of buildings on the inside. It was around for the North West Rebellion in 1885. We had a good look around and even got our picture taken with the red chairs.

The Forks - Manitoba
The Forks is a national historic site down by the riverside. There is also museums, a market, restaurants, shopping and walking paths. It's a nice place to hang out on a summer afternoon. We had a great time walking around.

Sault Ste. Marie Canal - Ontario
Sault Ste Marie has a National Historic site that is a canal. There is a park there with a trail and lots of nature. There is a lot of wildlife to see on the trails like frogs and birds. You can even rent bikes from Parks Canada and ride the trails.

Point Clark Lighthouse - Ontario
We didn't get a chance to check out the museum because the hours didn't line up for us but the lighthouse it pretty cool to see and we had a little picnic in the area. It's right on the beach. There was even a wedding going on when we were there. Unlucky for them it started to pour rain. There was even thunder and lightning.

HMCS Haida - Ontario

HMCS Haida is a Royal Canadian Navy Destroyer which we got to explore for free this year thanks to the Parks Canada Discovery Pass. It was a lot of fun to walk around and go through all the different rooms on the ship and to be on the deck. It has to be one of the coolest Parks Canada Heritage Sites so check it out when you go to Hamilton Ontario.

Saint-Louis Forts and Chateaux - Quebec

We started off our visit to Quebec City by grabbing a bite to eat at Les gourmandises Louca which has delicious food. Then we went to Old Quebec and towards Château Frontenac. Parks Canada has an archaeological site down there, Saint-Louis Forts, which was a pleasure to see. After all that, we wandered around some more before hitting the road to continue our cross Canada road trip.

Fortifications of Quebec - Quebec
We walked on the walls surrounding Old Quebec city. It felt like we were in a European city. It was a very fun experience.

Dalvay-by-the-Sea - PEI
This is a fancy hotel that you can take a look around even if you are not a guest. They want you to stick to the downstairs area but it is worth seeing if you appreciate older architecture from the early days of PEI.

Rideau Canal - Ontario
Another National Historic site that is a canal. We took a look at it but didn't go for a tour as we had only a limited amount of time. It reminded us a bit of the canal locks that we've seen in the UK.

Park Reserve and Conservation Area:
Lake Superior

Lake Superior is one of the great lakes and there is a section of the lake called the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. This is a park operated by Parks Canada. We had a bit of a misunderstanding trying to find this park as we didn't realise that the park was out on the water. We were using the Parks Canada app to find all the parks and it lead us to an office building for this marine park. We actually went inside the office to ask about the park, much to the surprise of everyone in there.

Fathom Five
We were extremely lucky to find a place to camp at this national park. It was the weekend of the Chi-Cheemaun festival so we only got a site because of the last minute cancellation. This is a great place for a glass bottom boat tour. Apparently, there is a lot to see on the bottom of the lake. Plus Flowerpot Island is close by and only accessible by boat.

We by no means were able to find all of the red chairs on our cross Canada trip. There are many more national parks across Canada. We went to a lot of them but there is quite a few left that we would like to see one day. We really enjoyed all the national parks and we liked the camping at the national parks the best. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about Parks Canada and the #sharethechair adventure we had across Canada. If you enjoyed this post then you will like reading about the rest of our cross Canada road trip in 2017.