Week 3: Hikes, Food and Catching up

Travel Diary:

We had more unbelievable weather for our 3rd week in the UK. I don't think we've ever seen the UK have such sunny weather like this before.
We took the opportunity to go for more walks in some parks we'd never been to before during our previous time in Birmingham.

After a walk, we went to the highly rated Indian restaurant called Jyoti's Vegetarian. They have a wide selection of all sorts of deep fried appetizers that are all delicious. I don't think we've ever come across such a wide selection of deep fried pakora like goodies. 
Their curry is great as well but the appetizers are the big draw. They also have a whole lot of desserts to choose from in their sweet shop. We bought a bunch of them to take home.

Another day we went into Birmingham to do some shopping.
The Bull at the Bull Ring shopping centre was dressed up for the Royal Wedding. He cleans up pretty nice.
For a treat, we went to 3 Threes and got some of their vegan ice cream. The blue one is bubblegum and the other one is mint chocolate chip.

We went on a day trip to
Hay on Wye in Wales to check out all the books. We wrote a separate post in it. Have a look at the vlog we made too. After a day out in Wales, we met our friend in Worcester for dinner. 

We were keeping ourselves busy by going on nature hikes.
Habberley Valley is the name of the park. We climbed to the top of some rocks for a lookout.

Then we followed a trail up to another place with a good view.

We stopped to take pictures of yoga for Instagram.
We were all having a great time on our walk.

Then another day we went to Birmingham to meet a friend of ours. We stopped by fressh to try some of their vegan food. We'd never been there before.
We checked out the view from the top of the library. There is a lot of construction going on in Birmingham still. It will be nice to see it when it's all done.
We stopped by Cherry Red's for a coffee.
Then we met up with our other friend at Mr. Singh's pizza for some of the best vegan pizza out there.
Vegan Pizza is the meaning of life.
It was a fantastic week in the UK and we saw a lot of stuff. We managed to keep pretty busy and ending it off with some vegan pizza is the way to go.

If you enjoyed this post then stay tuned for more on our time back in the UK. We are planning on seeing a lot more.