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The Knab and Broch of Clickimin, Lerwick, Shetland

Travel Diary: We were having a fantastic time on our cruise to Iceland with Norwegian Cruise Lines. We stopped at a number of cruise ports along the way. We stopped at a couple of places in Norway and now we made it to Lerwick which is the main port of the Shetland Islands.

We took a tender boat to Lerwick. You can see our ship in the background there. We got a little map once we got off the ship. We used it to do a coastal walk. We were very impressed by the scenery along the walk to The Knab. There were stone walls all around.
We have been to quite a few places in Scotland before. We've gone on a couple road trips around Scotland and we've visited Glasgow and Edinburgh other times as well. This was our first time on Shetland.  It can be expensive getting to Shetland normally since it requires travelling the ferry terminal and then catching a ferry to Shetland.
We hadn't thought of the possibility of seeing Shetland on a cruise ship before. That is part of why we wanted t…

(S)trolling around Alesund, Norway

Travel Diary:
We left Bergen and headed for our second cruise port. We arrived in Ålesund, Norway. We managed to pronounce it wrong but we are never that great at pronouncing place names. We found a big hill to climb with a nice lookout which is pretty much our ideal activity at a cruise port. It is a nice little town and we enjoyed our visit. 
It is a smaller town than Bergen. The city is walkable from the cruise port. We got off the ship and we were right there in the city. We made our way to the steps going up the big hill where you can look out over the city. We found one of these troll things. Too bad about all those dead animal skins in the background.  We walked up the hill towards the park with the trail up to the lookout point. The view kept getting better and better as we made our way up. We read a sign that said these steps used to be made out of lego but people kept stealing the lego pieces. They redid the stairs to the top with concreate instead.
The lego stairs sound coo…