30 Degrees and Sunny in Bergen, Norway

Travel Diary:

Our favourite part of cruising is getting to explore the different cruise ports. After a day at sea, we made it to our first cruise port. It was somewhere we had never been before, Bergen. Bergen is a city in Norway.

Previously we have only been to Oslo in Norway so we were excited to get to see another city in Norway.
Right off the bat, we found lots of cool street art. We saw a big piece by NYCHOS which is someone we were familiar with from Instagram. NYCHOS is known for cartoon looking dissections in his art. In this case a cat.
We walked along this big pedestrian street towards the funicular. Our goal was to walk to the funicular as it is supposed to be a worthwhile thing to see.

We really enjoyed the style of the architecture and how colourful the buildings are.
After a bit of a wait in the line up for the funicular we were on our way to the top of the hill. The funicular goes to the mountain named Fløyen. The funicular is called the Fløibanen.
The view from the top is fantastic.
We bought a one way trip as our plan was to walk back down the mountain. The walk only takes about 45 minutes to walk back down the mountain. You can see our cruise ship down there.
It was hot out in Bergen so we were overdressed in our jeans. Wearing black t-shirts probably didn't help either.

The top of the mountain has many nice trails to hike.
We walked around a tiny lake.
After hiking a few of the trails we started our descent. We made our way on the trail back down to the city centre.
There were a few funky looking trees wearing these sweater things for some reason unknown to us. Maybe just decoration? Do you know?

We walked to the waterfront and found the colourful houses that we had heard about called Bryggen.

It was such a nice day

We walked around and we found a park. We knew there was a big lake in the park because of google maps but we didn't know much else about it.

There was a conductor down near the water that was conducting a group of motorcyclists and cyclists. The motorcycles were revving their engines and honking their horns to his commands. The cyclists were ringing their bells. There was also a drummer and bassist to keep the beat. We watched for a little while and took some video.
Bergen has parks, fountains, and pedestrian areas. It was interesting to see it all.
The buildings are unique.
We enjoyed the cobblestone streets, the street art and the colourful buildings.

It was such a hot day that we were looking forward to getting back on the cruise ship so that we could go in the pool. We did see some locals down near the water sunbathing and swimming. There appeared to be a swimming pool near the water. I don't know if anyone was swimming in the ocean. 
If you enjoyed reading about our time in Bergen, Norway then you are going to want to look out for the rest of our posts on our cruise to Iceland on an NCL cruise ship. Our next port of call is Alesund, Norway.