Things were REALLY Starting to Heat up in JULY!

If you missed last month's update, find it here: A Wonderful Start to Summer Holidays

Happy Canada Day! We went out into the city and celebrated with a friend of ours in one of our favourite pubs.

We then made our way to London to watch a show, it was a quick visit, as London is so expensive that you can't stay more than a couple days.

We went to a few different vegan restaurants we'd never been to before because in London there is so many to choose from that every time we go to London we end up trying a new vegan restaurant. They were popping up all the time.
Aren't these little ducks so cute? We spotted them in The Regent's Park. We had never been to Regent's Park before and it was very nice.
This is the amazing homemade birthday cake. It is chocolate with vanilla mint frosting and dark chocolate shavings on top.
Everyone had a difficult time keeping their hands off the cake blowing out the candles.
There weren't any cake candles so that is why there are 3 tea light candles next to the cake.

For breakfast, our friend made us some epic breakfast sandwiches. They were absolutely delicious but a little difficult to eat. We had to use knives and forks. 

This month our vegan guide is for Dublin. We had a great time eating our way around this city in 2015 (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month). 

We planned a couple more trips for our summer abroad and also relaxed a lot reading our books.

We added a few more posts about our England 2018 trip to our Travel Diary blog:  See the newest posts on our trip: Malvern Hills: Walk and View From the TopWeek Two: The Vegan Engineer Came to BirminghamBooks Galore: Hay on Wye, and Week 3: Hikes, Food and Catching up

We have also been trying to be healthy. This means more salad, daily hour walks, HITT(High-Intensity Interval Training) and more yoga.

For our travel tips this month we shared more budget tips for having a great holiday.  6 More Tips to Planning a Holiday for Less (Remember to check back the third Sunday of every month for more travel tips from us.)

We made our way to the Northern part of Wales to see the countryside and gorgeous coastline.

For our spotlight series, we introduce you to Vegan Travellers.  We post about new vegan travellers on the fourth Sunday of every month. This month we introduced you to another vegan traveller:  Simona Collins

This month we attended some UK pub trivia, which was actually kind of hard. We were able to fill in the gaps for some of the non-UK questions, but we did learn a lot!

On the last Friday of the month, we went to The Chemistry Cafe for their vegan tapas night. Everything was very delicious and we had a great time sampling the food.

Since this month has five Sundays we put together another easy recipe for your travels. Wanderlust Peanut Sauce Stir Fry - One of our favourite dishes of all time. We are hoping it will help you in your own savings and travels!

After what seemed like a 3 months heat wave, we had some rain and cooler weather. We decided to take a trip to Wyre Nature Reserve for a 7.5km walk. It was a very lovely walk.

We decided to try the UK pub quiz again. We were a little put off from the last one, as we came in the last place. This time we rolled up our sleeves and brought our lucky pen... WE ACTUALLY WON! 

Well, that is about all we were up to this month,

To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: The End to a Wonderful Holiday in England