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Kirkwall, Orkney

Travel Diary:
We took a cruise to Iceland from the UK. During our cruise, we stopped at a number of different ports including Kirkwall, Orkney.

We've been to a number of places all over Scotland. Earlier in this cruise, we even made a stop in Lerwick, Shetland. We had never been to these Scottish islands before because of the cost involved in getting there and staying there. We had a good walk around Kirkwall. We saw the big church, the high street and Earl's Palace. The castle is called Earl's Palace. Kirkwall used to have another castle called the King's Castle but it was destroyed in 1614. Earl's Palace is very cool looking Afterwards, we walked on the high street, found some food and then we walked to the waterfront.
We looked out at the beach.  We checked out the Tankerness House Garden. It was a good place to sit and have a snack on a bench. We headed back to the cruise ship after we'd had enough of Kirkwall. It was fun to walk around.

If you enjoyed readi…

Cruise Port: Akureyri, Iceland

Travel Diary:

Next stop on our Icelandic cruise is Akureyri! We never thought we would travel to Iceland, yet we managed to see Reykjavik, go on the Golden Circle tour AND see a smaller town in the north. Iceland is such a beautiful country.
We got off the ship and looked at the map. The town was just a short walk away. 

We decided to walk through the residential area to get to the town so we could see the houses. We made it to the town and we wanted to buy some souvenirs, but they were sooooo expensive. Iceland is the most expensive place we have ever visited. It makes sense because it is an isolated country and their average salaries are high compared with the rest of Europe.
There wasn't a ton of street art in Akureyri but we did see this mural. It was well done. We're not sure who it is. We took a walk down the main commercial street called Hafnarstræti. We took a walk up the hill where the church is. It had a great view of the area at the top. There were mountains around …

The Highlights of Reykjavik, Iceland

Travel Diary:
It was now the second day that our cruise ship was docked in Reykjavik, Iceland. We did the Golden Circle Direct bus tour the first day. This day we set aside to go into Reykjavik city centre and explore.
An ongoing annoyance in Iceland was how expensive everything is. This is part of why we took a cruise to Iceland rather than flying to Iceland and staying here. We take for granted how cheap stuff is in Canada I suppose.
The walk to the downtown area was about an hour and it was along the waterfront so we decided to just walk there rather than pay for the bus.
The walk was not bad at all. It was nice walking along the water even if it was cold. We bought these jackets from the second-hand store once we booked our trip to Iceland. This was really the only place we went on our cruise where we needed to wear jackets. Everywhere else was hot summer weather.
We stopped for a photo at the metal Viking ship sculpture and make it to the unique looking Harpa the concert hall.