The End to a Wonderful Holiday in England

If you missed last month's update, find it here: Things were REALLY Starting to Heat up in JULY!

We decided to have a little fun with this post, not sure if it came off as a joke or something much more serious? But isn't the first step to recovery acknowledging that you have a problem? Confessions of Travel Junkies

We started off our month with a lovely walk at Himley Hall Park and afterwards made our way to Veggie Supreme in Wolverhampton for some delicious vegan pizza.

We went to a vegan festival in Coventry  We wrote a quick post on the festival. The festival was put on by Viva! and they know how to put on a good festival. Definitely check out any festivals they put on. Viva! has a vegan festival coming up in Birmingham but it's after we leave the UK. Anyway, have a look at our time at the Coventry Viva Vegan Festival.

This month our vegan guide is for Worcester. We had a great time eating our way around this city (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month).

We celebrated another wedding anniversary with a trip to the city and dinner at Cafe Soya.

Stourbridge also had a vegan festival with a £2 entry, so we went to go have some lunch. We had the most delicious burgers from Got no beef UK. We also ran into a lady who we have been emailing with for the past year about going to her moms new vegan shop called As One Vegan Lifestyle. We made plans to go to the shop/cafe later this month.

We added posts about our  Icelandic Cruise 2018 to our Travel Diary blog:  See the newest posts on our road trip: 30 Degrees and Sunny in Bergen, Norway(S)trolling around Alesund, Norway, and The Knab and Broch of Clickimin, Lerwick, Shetland. 

For our last trip during our trip, we made our way to Paris for a few days. We always wanted to go to Paris, but while we lived in the UK it never seemed possible. This time all the cards lined up and we found ourselves on a plane to Paris. We had a lovely time and posts for our trip will be up soon.

For our travel tips this month we shared what we would have done differently our road trip across Canada. Top 5 Places to visit in the United Kingdom (Remember to check back the third Sunday of every month for more travel tips from us.)

For our last week in England, we decided to gorge ourselves on the delicious vegan food that England has. We had many foods such as this full English breakfast and mac and cheese. We have eaten so much delicious food this last week that we have another post just on that coming soon. You will want to hit up some of these places on your own trip to England. We even managed to hit up a delicious restaurant in Oxford.

For our spotlight series, we introduce you to Vegan Travellers.  We post about new vegan travellers on the fourth Sunday of every month. This month we introduced you to The Vegan Word

To finish this month off, we boarded a plane and flew back to Canada.

To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: Interesting Turn of Events