The Highlights of Reykjavik, Iceland

Travel Diary:

It was now the second day that our cruise ship was docked in Reykjavik, Iceland. We did the Golden Circle Direct bus tour the first day. This day we set aside to go into Reykjavik city centre and explore.

An ongoing annoyance in Iceland was how expensive everything is. This is part of why we took a cruise to Iceland rather than flying to Iceland and staying here. We take for granted how cheap stuff is in Canada I suppose.
The walk to the downtown area was about an hour and it was along the waterfront so we decided to just walk there rather than pay for the bus.
The walk was not bad at all. It was nice walking along the water even if it was cold.
We bought these jackets from the second-hand store once we booked our trip to Iceland. This was really the only place we went on our cruise where we needed to wear jackets. Everywhere else was hot summer weather.
We stopped for a photo at the metal Viking ship sculpture and make it to the unique looking Harpa the concert hall.
The inside of Harpa was not too shabby either.

We walked around the city centre some more looking for cool stuff. We were also on the lookout for a magnet the shape of Iceland because we like to collect magnets that are the shape of the countries we have visited.

We looked in a few different souvenir shops and looked around the city.
We had heard that Alcohol was really expensive in Iceland so we checked out a sign a sign and saw that it works out to be about $8 CAD a beer which is pretty pricey.
Most of the buildings in Iceland are made using corrugated steel.
Reykjavik is definitely no Barcelona in terms of amazing architecture but it was interesting to walk around

There was a lot of street art in the city centre. We were finding it all over the place so we took lots of pictures.
We were getting hungry and our plan was to try one of the restaurants in Reykjavik with vegan food even though we could eat back on the ship for no extra charge. The thing is, the vegan selection on the ship is not that great.

We walked past a couple places advertising vegan food. It's surprising that Iceland has vegan food considering it's not known for vegan-friendly food. It's a country known for hunting endangered whales along with Norway and Japan so vegan food is not what comes to mind in Iceland.

Luckily, there are a few different options for vegans in Reykjavik. Check happy cow.

We found lots more street art and saw Hallgrímskirkja which is an interesting looking cathedral.

We decided to check out Kaffi Vinyl which is the first vegan cafe in Reykjavik.
We were very excited about eating vegan food at a cafe in Reykjavik. The price of eating out in Iceland is high but we figured we hadn't spent anything on transport into Reykjavik for the day so it wasn't a big deal to go out to eat. Plus we like supporting vegan restaurants.

The food came and it was really tasty. It's too bad that our cruise food wasn't this good. We got a lentil vegetable soup and a wrap. The dressing on the salad was really tasty as well.

We had our lunch and then walked around the main shopping street some more.
We found our magnet the shape of Iceland and there was a Viking face in the hole board outside. There was a nice guy who offered to take our picture. Luckily he didn't run off with our camera. We should probably be more careful.

We made our way back towards the waterfront so that we could follow the same path back to the ship.
The walk back was nice. We were lucky to have had such excellent weather for our time walking around Reykjavik.
The trail to and from the cruise ship is really nice.

We were glad to have finally got a chance to see Reykjavik after all these years of it being on our bucket list.
It's really expensive to stay in Iceland so this was the most affordable way for us to visit since we had food and accommodation taken care of by the cruise.
We said our goodbyes to Reykjavik. It felt like we saw quite a bit but obviously, there is a lot more to see if you want to stay longer. We saw that Bill Murray the movie star was giving a talk or something at Harpa in a couple weeks. It's too bad that didn't coincide with our trip. That would have been cool.
Anyway, if you enjoyed reading about our time in Reykjavik then check out the rest of our posts on our cruise from Southampton to Iceland. We had a great time and saw a lot of places we never thought we'd get to.