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Cusworth Hall and Park, Doncaster

Travel Diary:
We made our way to South Yorkshire to catch up with some of our friends. We had a little party so that we would be able to see everyone in one place while we were there.

After the party, we stuck around for a week to dog sit and visit with our friend. We had a lovely visit and even managed to make our way to a lovely park for a walk with the dogs. Cusworth Hall was about a 20-minute drive from our friend's place, so it was easy to get to for us. We checked out all of the old buildings on the grounds before taking a hike around. These buildings are from the Georgian era. We had amazing weather and the clouds made for a great photo. There is also a history museum here, but we didn't go in. The dogs loved digging and running around.

Everything was beautiful. The trees were so green and full of life.
We enjoyed watching the ducks swim and how peaceful everything was.
The sky doesn't even look real!

We even got to see a swan. (Note: Swans are very dangerous, do no…

14 Day Norway, Scotland and Iceland Cruise

Travel Diary:
Our first trip while we were in Europe for the summer, was a cruise to Iceland!

We have always wanted to go to Iceland and the Scottish Islands, and this cruise got us there! This cruise was a pretty good bargain, as the ferry alone to the Scottish islands can cost a pretty penny. We had originally looked into ferry costs when we planned our 9-day road trip around Scotland with our friend Plant-based Ph.D.  
We also liked this cruise because it was round trip out of Southampton. This means, no flying!
Day one: Southampton
We took the train from Birmingham in the morning and made our way to Southampton. We boarded the ship and began living like royalty. We decided to pre-order our dinner at the Asian restaurant so we could have something with tofu.  They made us a seaweed salad, stirfry veggies with tofu, fried rice and we had some fruit for dessert. We forgot to get a picture of the mixed fruit. This is pretty much what we ate for dinner the entire 14-day cruise as there…