Cruise Port: Invergordon, Scotland

Travel Diary:

On our cruise from the UK to Iceland and back we stopped at many ports such as Invergordon. Invergordon is the closest port to go see Inverness and Loch Ness. We have already been to those places so we didn't feel the need to book some sort of tour or train to go check out Inverness.

We figured that we would just walk around Invergordon and see what we could find. There are quite a few murals on the buildings there.
We went to some second-hand shops as well. Otherwise we there wasn't a whole lot else going on.
We were fine just having a walk around the town for a while.
It didn't take us that long to walk around the town. The weather was nice and it was nice to get off the ship. We were honestly pretty sick of being on the ship by this point. This is the longest cruise we've ever done.
This is another place in Scotland we can cross off.

Here we are near the beach.
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