Vegan Pub Food and Vegan Cake in Edinburgh Scotland

Travel Diary:

During our cruise from the UK to Iceland and back we stopped in Edinburgh, Scotland. The port was in Leith. We have been to Leith before back in 2011 so it was nice to see it again.
We were very excited to check out a vegan pub called Harmonium that was highly rated by everyone we talked to. 

We were door crashers but there were a bunch of other people trickling in for lunch not too long after we got there.
The had a bloody mary drink special and a vegan NY pastrami sandwich. All of their appetizers sounded amazing so we ordered 3 of them. The 3 appetizers we got were...

We also got the TO-FISH SUPPER. It was all good. Everything we ate was delicious. The quality of the food was very high.
We may have overdone it for our lunch but we were excited to try so much great food. Plus the vegan options on the cruise ship we not all the amazing so it was nice to get some vegan food from a place that knows what they're doing.

We walked through Leith towards the centre of Edinburgh because we wanted to check out a cafe called Holy Cow.
It was crazy being back in Edinburgh, especially since we got there by cruise ship. It was weird being in a place we'd been before by a cruise ship.
The day couldn't have been nicer. The whole cruise was amazing weather.
We found the coffee shop and we were not all that hungry but we figured we had room for dessert and coffee.
We ordered some coffee and some slices of cake. The cake turned out to be gigantic. It was delicious so we did our best to eat it even though we weren't all that hungry. We had to take some to go.

Afterwards, we had a pleasant walk back towards the cruise ship. There seems to be a lot of public walkways in Edinburgh. We walked along a nice path with trees all around. It was a perfect day for it.
Edinburgh has lots of cool looking buildings so we enjoy walking around the streets because it all looks so interesting to us.
We made it to the port and got on the tender boat back to our ship.
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