A Spooktacular Month

If you missed last month's update, find it here: Interesting Turn of Events

We ended up staying on Vancouver Island for the time being. We figured we would hit up all of our favourite restaurants around here. First stop, Coach and Horses. They have a great vegan menu and it keeps changing and growing.

We started off our posts this month with a throw back to 2009! Have a look at That Time we Went to Chicago, IL

We did a little bit of cat sitting. We love watching these two, they are just the most adorable cats around.
 For Thanksgiving this year, my aunt roasted a cauliflower in gravy. It turned out really good and was a wonderful addition to Thanksgiving dinner. Here is the recipe if you want to try it out for Christmas. whole roasted cauliflower skillet 

This month our vegan guide is for Edinburgh. We had a great time returning to Edinburgh and  eating even more goodies. We have edited our original post with more deliciousness. (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month). We also edited the video that went along with this post!

We are still practising yoga regularly. Here we are in forward fold and handstand AND bridge and wheel pose. Partner yoga is definitely more fun!

We added posts about our  Icelandic Cruise 2018 to our Travel Diary blog: wanderlustveganstravels.blogspot.ca  See the newest posts on our trip: Cruise Port: Invergordon, ScotlandVegan Pub Food and Vegan Cake in Edinburgh, Scotland and 
14 Day Norway, Scotland and Iceland Cruise
We have also continued sharing posts from our England 2018 trip: Cusworth Hall and Park, Doncaster

We have both been working quite a bit this month. It is great for us, as we haven't worked in awhile! One of us is working as a cook, and is learning how to bake up some new goodies. Hopefully this will improve my over all cooking skills and we will both be unstoppable in our vegan kitchen.

For our travel tips this month we shared budget friendly ways to have fun while on your cruise vacation. 5 Ways to Have 'Budget Friendly' Fun on a Cruise Ship (Remember to check back the third Sunday of every month for more travel tips from us.)

We have also been trying to add more exercise to our daily lives and have taken up cycling. Our current goal is to ride our bikes 208 days of the year. This works out to be about 4 days a week. We have made a huge goal like this, because we know some weeks it will not be ideal to get in 4 days a week, where as some weeks it will be easier to bike every day.

For our spotlight series, we introduce you to Vegan Travellers.  We post about new vegan travellers on the fourth Sunday of every month. This month we introduced you to Vegan Vs Travel

Halloween is our favourite holiday. We celebrated by veganising a simple brownie recipe and dressing them up for Halloween.
 We went to Victoria for the day and stopped at Cupcakes at Uptown for some Halloween themed vegan cupcakes!
 We then stopped to see the salmon spawning on our route back home from Victoria.
 We carved out a pumpkin and put a delicious chocolate mousse on top of the already delicious brownies.
And, we dressed up for Halloween. We would like to introduce you to Ash and Pippi.
Overall, it was a pretty eventful month.

To see what we get up to next month, check out our post: Staying Local and Working for our Travels