Beautiful Town of Borth-Y-Gest and the Incredible Beach of Ogof Coch.

Travel Diary:

During our 3 month visit to the UK, we went to Wales for a few days to staying Minffordd, see Portmeirion, Porthmadog, and also to see the beach nearby.

We did a lot of walking on this visit. We could have taken the bus but it didn't run all that often and the route was a bit inconvenient for us. A car is definitely an asset when visiting Wales.
Originally we were going to check out the Black Rock Sands Beach but we changed our plans. We decided to walk to a town called Borth-Y-Gest to check out the beach nearby called Ogof Coch/Red Cave.
We had to walk from Minffordd to Porthmadog and then up a hill to get to Borth-Y-Gest. It probably took us about an hour to do. Then it was just a matter of following the trail by the ocean to get to Ogof Coch/Red Cave.
Once we got to the beach we were pretty happy with our choice to see this part of Wales.

It was a beautiful spot and while there were a few people there it was not crowded.
We sat for a while and enjoyed the beach. We brought a lunch from stuff we made with food bought at Aldi and Tesco. The great part of getting to rent our AirBnb was having access to a kitchen to make ourselves food.
The beaches in Wales are very nice.

We didn't feel like swimming but it was hot enough that we definitely could have.

The only confusing part was that we couldn't find the so-called Red Cave. We looked all over so we are not sure where it was hiding.
We found a soccer ball so we took it with us so that it didn't go into the ocean. We asked the people on the beach if it was theirs but nobody seemed to understand what we were saying so we took it. It was a great walk. We were definitely tired by the time we made it back to our BnB for the night.
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