Reunited (with LONDON) and it Feels so GOOD!

Travel Diary:

A trip to England, wouldn't be complete without a visit to good ol' London town. As it was summer, it was quite expensive, so we made our trip short but sweet. Very sweet.

We stayed at Point A Hotel, but we happened to be over the tube line and our room shook every 5 minutes when a train went by.
To start off our trip to London, we searched for new vegan options. We discovered a vegan donut shop was a short walk away. 
We headed there immediately.  We got the custard and the peanut butter one. 
After we scarfed down our donuts, we went for a walk to Hyde park. It was such a lovely day to just sit in a park and relax. As we were sitting there relaxing, we heard an American accent, which isn't unusual in London, but it caught our attention. We looked up and realised that Matt Stone (South Park co creator) was walking past us. Which stuck us as awesome, as we were in London to see his play!
The next day, we went to Tesco for breakfast, and got a couple of their new 'Wicked' line of vegan products.
Once we were ready to face the day, we went for a walk to Covent Gardens
We love the hustle and bustle of a big city.

There was all these elephant sculptures and we stopped to take pictures of all the ones we saw. Turns out it was for the Elephant Parade to raise awareness about elephants. All of the elephants were for sale.
They were pretty cool.
We continued on our way to the touristy area. We just love London.

We were on a mission to find those tourist London shirts, but neither of us saw one that we liked.

Since our last trip to London, a vegan restaurant opened up called 'By Chloe' 
We stopped in to try it out. We ordered the mac and cheese and Thai bowl. We also got lattes and coffee.
Everything we ordered was delicious. We will definitely be back again, one day.
Oh, and we also got cupcakes. ALWAYS CUPCAKES! 

After lunch, we walked along the River Thames
It was another beautiful day. We were glad we packed our sunscreen.
We even stopped to watch Wimbledon in the park.
We then made our to Leicester square. We looked around inside the Lego store, grabbed a sandwich from Pret and then headed to the theatre.
We were pretty excited to be finally seeing 'The Book of Mormon'. Every time we came to London when we lived here, the tickets were sold out. This time, we ordered tickets ahead of time.
The show was amazing. It was ridiculously funny. 
After the show, we walked back to our hotel. We were exhausted from a day of walking around. We forgot how big London really is.
The next morning, we woke up to the refrigeration alarm going off. I guess something was wrong with the air conditioner. We quickly got ready and checked out of our hotel. We made it clear when we left that we would not be returning or recommending this hotel to anyone. I mean, if you like a loud shaking room with alarms going off, then you will love it. 

We walked to a nearby vegan cafe for breakfast.
Deliciously Ella had a lot of breakfast, brunch or lunch options to choose from. All of the food items were very reasonably priced too. We both ended up going with the Sweetcorn fritters as the server said it was their best seller.
It did not disappoint.

We left the cafe and went down Oxford street again in search for a t-shirt. We didn't see anything we liked.

We made our way to Regent Park. The park is close by to the train station, so we spent an hour walking around. We didn't realise that the park was so big.

It had beautiful gardens. We should have planned to spend more time here.

So many beautiful flowers everywhere.
We even made sure to stop and smell them. :) 

We also stopped to check out the little birds and ducks hanging out in the ponds.

These guys were getting into an argument.
AWE! Little duck babies.
On our way out of the park, we spotted The Sherlock Holmes Museum. So many people were lined up!
We caught our afternoon train back to Birmingham and starting planning our next trip!

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