The Amazing village of Portmeirion, Wales

Travel Diary:

Before this recent trip to the UK we had lived in England for 2 years on a youth mobility visa. During those 2 years we had been to Wales a couple times but hadn't really seen a lot of it. It is such a big place to explore and public transit to Wales is not that frequent. It's also quite a big place so there is lots of different spots to see.
This time, we decided to take a trip there and we wanted to go near Snowdonian National park. Looking on google we found this place in Wales called Portmeirion which is a village that was designed by an architect to look like an Italian villa. It sounded kind of strange so we wanted to check it out. It's the setting for a TV show we had never heard of called "The Prisoner" and there is a Siouxsie and the Banshees video "The Passenger" that is filmed in Portmeirion too.

We found an Air BnB close by in Minffordd for fairly cheap. It is very expensive to stay in Portmeirion itself.
The walk to Portmeirion from our AirBnB was very nice. Not far at all.

You have to pay to go inside Portmeirion. It's not a real village it's almost like a park or museum. I don't think people live in Portmeirion unless there is caretakers that live on site.
It is pretty cool there. You can see the sort of Italian looking architectural style of the buildings. It is a little strange but it's fun to walk around and we couldn't have asked for better weather when we were their either.
There were quite a few people inside Portmeirion walking around and taking pictures.
The grounds of the village are pretty big and there is a few different nature paths you can take. It's a good place for a walk when the weather is nice.
We took the little "train" which is a bit ridiculous. We could have walked faster up the hill most likely.

It did a little circle around some of the grounds so that's why we started with the train. We thought the route it took was a bit bigger than it ended up being.
Then we walked down by the water.
Wales really has some nice ocean views.
There was a boat and a lighthouse for taking pictures.
We stopped for a snack. We packed a lunch from supplies we bought at the local Tesco and Aldi is Porthmadog which was the nearest big town. Packing a lunch saves money and we also had doubts about whether Portmeirion would have vegan options.
The rocks by the water were really cool.

I'm not sure what we expected from Wales but it's definitely a great place to visit.
Look how nice the water is.
If we posted this picture without a caption, would you guess that it was taken in the UK? Wales?

We circled back to the main village portion of Portmeirion. It is a big property but it doesn't take all that long to walk around.
You can play giant chess in the main area of the village. The gardens are well maintained. It must take a lot of work keeping Portmeirion looking the way it does. They really do a great job.

We are definitely interested in watching the TV show that was filmed here called "The Prisoner". It's a nice looking place but I can see how it could be used as a creepy location for someone to be held prisoner.
It's got that retro feeling to it and since it's not a real village where people live and work it has a bit of a spooky ghost town vibe to it aside from all the tourists roaming around.
It is definitely worth checking out though. We wouldn't want to put you off going.
It's really not all that creepy a place but you could just imagine it being used as a set for a horror movie or something, that's all. It's got that perfect, a little too perfect vibe to it.
There is also a castle/hotel there called Castell Deudraeth. That would definitely be something worth checking out if you've ever wanted to spend the night in a castle.
If you enjoyed this post then check out the other posts we've written about our time visiting Wales. Wales is a great place to visit and it's unfortunately a bit underrate. Definitely go and check out Wales.