The Tiny Village of Minffordd, Wales

Travel Diary:

We were looking into a place to stay in Wales but we didn't really know a lot about Wales or what the best spots were. We knew that we wanted to be near Snowdon National Park and we wanted to be near some places we could go for nature walks. We also wanted a place easily accessible by train but also close to the ocean.
Luckily we found an airbnb in the tiny village of Minffordd which was very close to Porthmadog, Snowdon, and beaches like Red Cave near Borth-y-gest. There is also some steam trains nearby that go into the mountains which we knew would be a good options and the crazy looking town of Portmeirion. The train from our friend's place in Stourbridge to Minffordd was pretty scenic.  The train splits at one point so you have to make sure you are in the right car or you'll end up in the wrong place.
We went past quite a few nice looking beach towns on our way. There is a lot of places to choose from which is part of why it was hard for us to decide where to stay. We just took a chance and choose Minffordd.
It was nice getting to see the great scenery from our train. We got to Minffordd and found our airbnb to check in.
The surroundings were great there in Minffordd. The only downside was that we had to walk quite a ways to the nearest town Porthmadog in order to go to the grocery store. For this trip we were planning on self catering. 

Here is a post we did about self catering while on holiday.
Luckily the walk to Porthmadog was very nice.
There was a nice path for us to walk on all the way to Porthmadog. Along the way we had a great view of the mountains, the water and there were some cows grazing as well.

We really enjoyed the views out here in Wales.

We made it into Porthmadog and looked around a bit. We went to some thrift stores looking for books. We also made sure to check out Aldi and Tesco in order to pick up some grocery since we were self catering.
Porthmadog is a nice town and we enjoyed walking around there.
We walked back to our airbnb with all our groceries. 
While we were staying in Minffordd we went to a couple different places. One day we went to see the beach at a place nearby called Borth-y-gest. The beach near Borth-y-gest was called Ogof Coch/Red Cave. We had a great walk there and had a nice picnic.

Another place we went while staying in Minffordd was Portmeirion which was very close to our airbnb. It is a cool looking town the is made to look like an Italian villa. We had a great time visiting Portmeirion.
There was quite a few other things to see in the area so if we really wanted to we could have stayed longer to explore. We could have checked out the Ffestiniog Railway.
It looked like a fun steam train to ride on. You can also go on the Welsh Highland Railway out of Porthmadog which looks like a great route.

If you enjoyed reading about our trip to Minffordd Wales then check out the rest of the posts on our day trips in the area. Wales is a fun and scenic place to visit and there is lots of stuff to see there.