Exploring the Catacombs of Paris

Travel Diary:

We finally made it to Paris. We had wanted to go there for a long time but somehow it never worked out. Once we were there we wanted to see one of the big tourist attractions that people see in Paris which is the Catacombs of Paris.
We waited in line for what seemed like forever. We waited in line for over 3 hours. It was definitely the longest line we've ever been in before. Paris has a lot of tourists during the summer and you can end up in some really long lines if you go to the tourist hotspots.
Once we made it inside went down a ton of stairs and then learned a little bit about the Catacombs.

There are over 6 million people buried down the Catacombs of Paris. What a strange place to visit when you are on holiday. Here we are smiling that we made it through the line and are finally making our way through the Catacombs.

We didn't really know much about the Catacombs of why there were so many people buried down there.
Paris is a huge city and back in the day, it had a problem with overcrowded cemeteries. Ancient mines were discovered under the city and so it was decided the remains from the overcrowded cemeteries would be brought to the Catacombs.

Now it is a tourist attraction. 

It was bizarre walking through the catacombs and seeing all the bones stacked neatly.
Are you supposed to smile in front of a bunch of skeletons?
It reminded us of our visit to the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic.
Aww, a heart made out of skulls.
The catacombs just kept going and going. 

There were guided tours you could go on down there as well and some of them went into sections of the catacombs that aren't open to people with regular admission tickets.
We didn't feel like we needed to be guided around but it could be fun. There were some audio guides available as well.
Even though we had to wait a really long time to get into the Catacombs it seemed like it was worth it.

When else would we get a chance to see this?

We finished walking around and made our way back up to ground level. It was still a bright day up there. What an interesting experience walking around down there. It would be cool even without all the bones.
Have you been to the Catacombs of Paris before? What did you think of it? What is the longest line you've waited in?