Himley Hall and Veggie Supreme Pizza, West Midlands, UK

Travel Diary:

While we were over in the UK we went on a couple of big trips. We went to Iceland on a cruise and we went to Paris as well. Aside from the big trips, we did some day trips local to where we were staying near Birmingham.
One of those trips was to Himley Hall and Park. It was a place recommended to us by our hosts. We all drove there together to have a nice walk in the park. 

Himley Hall is an English country house which belonged to the Lords of Dudley but now it is a park owned by Dudley Council. The Manor house has nice grounds which makes for a nice park to walk around.

There are lots of ducks and geese roaming around. We happened to show up on a day where they were doing a scavenger hunt for kids. They were all trying to find a unicorn or something.
We went down near the water and had a picnic. We had brought a packed lunch with us to enjoy in the park.

The walk around the water was really nice. We always enjoy going for walks in the outdoors. The weather was actually pretty good that day too.

We were definitely too old to participate in the scavenger hunt but after our walk, we went inside Himley Hall to look at the art in the art gallery. There was also a collection of Lego on display. It was a display of someone's personal Lego collection and it was quite extensive.
After visiting Himley Hall we stopped by Wolverhampton to visit a new veggie pizza place with lots of vegan options. It is called Veggie Supreme. It turned out to be up there with the best pizza we've ever had. It's difficult to compare different types of pizza but veggie supreme definitely has top-notch pizza.

This is a simple yet fun way to spend a day in the UK when you are visiting. Find a stately home or historic site to visit and then find some tasty vegan food nearby for afterwards.

Have you been to Veggie Supreme Pizza? Where is your favourite English Manor house to visit? Do you like to walk in parks?