River Cruise in Paris France on The Seine

Travel Diary:

We finally made it to Paris, France and it was a lot of fun. One of the activities that we did there was a fantastic River Cruise along the Seine. It was one of the first things that we did when we got to Paris.
We were walking around and happened upon the river cruise company so we decided to give it a go. It wasn't in our plan but it turned out really nice.

It was fairly busy on the cruise but we managed to get some decent seats at the front. The thing we liked about the boat ride was just getting to see a bunch of sights to start off our time in Paris.
There was a guide pointing out some of the points of interest along the river.

It was a nice time of day for pictures as well, right at sunset. Sunrise and sunset are the best times for photos and we aren't really sunrise people.

The tour guide pointed out a place where people come together to Salsa dance at night by the river. Anyone is welcome to join in or just watch. People have been dancing here for a number of years,

We went around Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité.
Then we went along the Seine and under a bunch of bridges. Each of the bridges had a different style.

Our guide was rattling off facts about Paris, the buildings and the bridges. You can see the history in all the structures and buildings throughout the city.

We finally saw the Eiffel Tower which has to be the most iconic building in Paris. 
This bridge, Pont Alexandre III, is named after a Russian Czar and it looks really fancy.

As we got closer to the tower we took more and more pictures. We took as many pictures as possible.
It was a little difficult since we were moving to get a decent selfie with the tower. We weren't going all that fast but still.
After the Eiffel Tower, we started to head back.
Our guide pointed out the skinniest house in Paris. It's wedged in between some regularly sized buildings. Pretty crazy.

People were watching us from the bridges as we went past. Paris was really busy when we were there so there were tons of people everywhere we went. As it got later there was maybe a little fewer people walking around but there were still quite a few people.

Along the river, we saw people hanging out eating and drinking beside the river. They were having a picnic. And no it was just homeless people or something. It seemed like lots of different people were doing it.

Well, that's all for our river cruise. We pretty much just walked around a bit more and then went back to the hotel after this. If you enjoyed reading about our river cruise on the Seine then stay tuned for more on our long-awaited trip to Paris France.