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If you missed last month's update, find it here: Staying Local and Working for our Travels
This month we went to Victoria again for some personal errands and did some Christmas shopping. While we were there we tried out Fern Bakery for their vegan food. Everything we tried was excellent. It's difficult to take professional photos of food but trust us, it was all excellent. We had the pepperoni panini, the cheeseburger mac and cheese, and a selection of desserts.

This month our vegan guide is for Paris. We had a great time in Paris checking out the sights and eating at a few different vegan restaurants. (Remember we share a new Vegan Guide the second Sunday of every month). 
We continued baking up a storm with more muffins. These were chocolate chip banana muffins. They were delicious.

It's starting to look like Christmas around us with frost on the ground and houses decorated with lights. It hasn't been very cold so it's doubtful it will be a white Christmas but here's hoping. (It was not)

For our travel tips this month we shared Paris travel tips. Here are our tips to help you plan a great trip to Paris.

We have a small Christmas tree that we decorate every year. We have a number of ornaments and Christmas lights. We tend to put all the presents we've got for people under the tree until we give them out on Christmas.

On the few days before Christmas, Vancouver Island had a couple bad wind storms. A lot of people lost power and the city's water plant failed. The city went on a water ban for a few days. While a lot of people in the community tried their best to conserve the water, some businesses decided to run as if nothing were happening. The idea behind conserving the water we had, was for emergency services. IE. Fire Trucks, Hospitals. Luckily we live somewhere with a rain barrel and were able to conserve water that way to help others in need.

We also helped the parents decorate their tree for Christmas. Mr. Christmas Cat decided to help out! He is pretty adorable though! We also ran out of wrapping paper and created our own using newspapers. It looks festive, it's zero waste AND we recycled old papers.

For our new spotlight series Easy Meal Ideas, we start off the series with breakfast! Here is our Simple, Healthy breakfast. The food choices we make are influenced by trying to save money and also wanting to eat healthier. We don't always succeed but we try our best. 

We ended the year the same way we always do... reflecting on the year before. Here is the BEST VEGAN FOOD in 2018! Yum, Yum! Book those plane tickets.

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