Our Last GORGE in England: Food, Food, Food

It was a lot of fun getting to back in the UK for the summer. We got to do some more exploring and enjoying our time in the UK. For the last little while in the UK we tried to make the most of it and go out for vegan food whenever possible.
We like to check out vegan festivals and towards the end of our time in the UK, there was the Stourbridge Vegan Fair.

We found the Got No Beef stall and tried their burgers which were pretty good.
We also had some tiramisu from one of the stalls called Vegan Sweet Tooth London.
They had some amazing looking cakes.

Since we stayed until the end we ended up getting some vegan donuts really cheap. At the end of the fair, some of the booths started selling off their food at a discount.
Back at our friend's place, we made our favourite vegan mac and cheese recipe. It uses cashews, miso and nutritional yeast. It is soooooo good.

One of our friends came to visit us on his way up to Scotland and we stopped by the Chemistry Cafe for brunch. They had a lot of vegan breakfast options. Unfortunately, as of writing this, they are no longer in business.

We went out to dinner to Pizza Express which is a big chain in the UK. We actually like their pizza a lot. We used to go there quite a bit when we lived in the UK since we always seemed to get vouchers for free pizza there or other deals. Now they have vegan cheese!

We went to check out Stourport because a brand new vegan cafe that opened up there. It's a cafe and a shop. The shop is As One Vegan Lifestyle and the cafe is Greens Vegan Catering. One of the owners emailed us last year inviting us to check them out. We didn't think we would have a chance to visit the cafe since we had no plans at the time to come back to the UK so soon after living there for 2 years but now here we are.
They have a solid selection of vegan products there. All sorts of vegan specialty food items and things of that nature.
When we were there they had just opened so they didn't have a set menu just what was on the menu board outside. We decided to just try a bunch of stuff. We tried the mac and cheese, burgers and they made us some salad and veggies.
It's nice that Stourport has a cafe to get some decent vegan food. We would definitely recommend the vegan cakes there. They are delicious. We tried a couple of them and split them in 1/3 to share. The slices in the picture below have been split in 3rds FYI.
The owners were glad that we stopped by so we got a picture with them. They were excited to finally be open. 
Afterwards, we took a walk around Stourport. There is an amusement park with a gorilla statue and a bunch of carnival rides too.

The food at Greens Vegan Catering led to some serious gains so we decided to join a rugby team. Seems legit right?
We walked around Stourport some more. Aside from the waterfront amusement park area, they have a lot of great second-hand stores. We found some good deals on some books we had been looking for.

Later we went to Worcester to check out the Firefly which is a pub with an all-vegan menu.
We tried the Samurai Burger and the Big Mac. They sounded good were a bit disappointing honestly. If we go there again I think we'll both stick with the Kentucky Fried Chick'n burger and the Loaded Fries.
The Samurai Burger had a seitan patty, wasabi and cucumber slaw, sesame kimchi mayo, and toasted cashews. I thought it sounded good as I like all those toppings but I didn't end up liking them as burger toppings.

The Big Mac would have been alright but the black bean and seitan patties had the texture of a brownie or something. It was a bit strange.

We did try some of the Popcorn Seitan so that's why we think the Kentucky Fried Chick'N burger would be a better choice next time. The Loaded Fries were excellent though.

Our new friends, that we won the pub quiz with, wanted to take us all out to Fusca in Warwick. It is a Vegetarian/vegan restaurant that specializes in making fresh food cooked from scratch. We eat got a starter, main and dessert. 
We got the soup of the day, "Twice baked Mediterranean vegetable & smoked cheese tart"...
..."West African Style Curry"...
..."Sweet potato, woodland mushroom, asparagus, leek & spinach Wellington"...
For dessert, we had the "Brazilian style chocolate layer cake with
 a pineapple & mango chutney, raspberry
infused Brazil nuts" and the "Chocolate, strawberry and fennel brownie with
vanilla ice cream."
It's not very often we have food this fancy and delicious. We are very glad we went and thanks to our friends!

Our hosts were nice enough to throw a little going away BBQ for us. We got to visit with a bunch of the people we had got to know a little better while visiting the UK for 3 months. We got to eat some good food and say goodbye.
Thanks for having us friends and we hope to see you again someday. We really couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit the UK and travel a bit more. We will look back fondly on our visit. Hopefully, we will be back soon.

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