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Avatar Grove and the trail to Canada's Gnarliest Tree.

Travel Diary:
Having just returned to Vancouver Island from our summer 2018 trip to the UK, where we also went a cruise to Iceland, we decided to have a bit of a stay-cation to satisfy our wanderlust. We have lived on Vancouver Island for many years yet somehow we've never been to Port Renfrew which is known for big trees such as the ones in Avatar Grove.
We got settled in our cabin and then followed the directions we found in the cabin to Avatar Grove. The cabin had all sorts of tourist information and guides on where to find big trees in the area since that is what people come to Port Renfrew and the west coast of Vancouver Island to see. After a long drive on a gravel road, we came upon the signs for Avatar Grove. There were a handful of other cars parked in the area so we were not alone. It's funny since we hadn't seen any cars on the whole drive there. It was about a 20-minute drive from our cabin in Port Renfrew to get to Avatar Grove. Luckily we brought our umbrella…

It was the Summer of 2018

We had been back in Canada for just over a year and we missed our life in England. When the opportunity presented itself, we decided since we hadn't settled down we would head back to England for four months to clear our heads for the future. It may or may not have left us more confused than ever but that is neither here nor there. This blog is about travel!

On our holiday we saw more Wales, Scotland, England, Norway and got to see Iceland for the first time! We also made it to Paris which was on our bucket list forever. It was an excellent summer and these are all the posts we wrote about it. Thanks for reading:

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Starting the Year off Right with MORE Travels

If you missed last month's update, find it here: Insert Festive Title Here ______.

We love to bring in the new year, with resolutions and recaps of 2018. Here is our New Years Resolution, and summary of our Most Viewed blog/videos of 2018. We also shared our Best Memories of Twenty-Eighteen and our Best Vegan Food of 2018.  We find these posts help us set goals for the new year and remind ourselves how amazing life can be if you really work towards your dreams. We hope that you can use these posts for inspiration on planning your own travels and living as your best self.
As part of our new year's resolution "30-Day Challenges", This month we pulled "Take at Least a 30-Minute Walk Everyday"We have been walking ourselves to a healthier heart. While not every day was as beautiful as this, we have been managing to get outside every day. 

Our first meal out for the year, we went to Pho Tin Tin. We had heard a lot about the veggie pho and summer rolls so we just …