Elk Falls Suspension Bridge

Travel Diary:
We went for a little road trip to Campbell River with Mom just for something to do. The best thing to see nearby is the Provincial Park, Elk Falls, which is a beautiful park. We wanted to check it out as it has a new suspension bridge. It has hiking trails and camping as well. The Elk Falls suspension bridge overlooks the falls and it is worth a visit.

The park is only a short drive out of Campbell River. Then you drive past the park's campground and follow the signs for the suspension bridge and Elk Falls. Once you get to the parking lot, it is not a far hike from the parking lot to the falls.
We had previously been to Elk Falls quite a few years ago when the suspension bridge hadn't been built yet. We hiked down the trail and made it to the bridge and we were impressed.
It's a nice looking bridge.
There is Mom on the bridge.
The bridge had a great view of the falls and it's fun walking on the bridge.
There were quite a few people out today hiking and checking out the bridge. That being said it is still early in the year so it will no doubt get a lot busier in the summer season. 

We walked to the other side of the bridge where it was nice and sunny. There were some benches to relax on as well.
We took lots of pictures of the bridge and video.
From the benches, you can see the water above the falls that is moving fast towards Elk Falls.
The bridge isn't fancy but it feels really sturdy. I think you'd have to have a really big phobia of heights in order to be afraid of going on it. It doesn't shake that much at all.
We went back over to the side closest to the parking lot where there are stairs down to a viewing platform the give you a closer look at the falls.

It is a great view of the falls from the view platform. 

We had a great time visiting Elk Falls and we'd say you should definitely go there is your ever around this part of Vancouver Island. It's probably a great stop for a camping trip in the summer as well. Or if you are in Campbell River as a cruise ship port then check out Elk Falls. There will probably be bus tours available.