That Time we Went to Hawaii, USA

Travel Diary:

We have been budget travelling for years. Our honeymoon is another example of our budgeting skills. We knew that we wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and nothing was going to stop us.

We went to a travel agent and told them we wanted a two week trip to Hawaii for under $2000. They didn't think it was possible and kept trying to talk us out of it. They kept trying to sell us a Mexico trip, which was not where we wanted to go.

We had our hearts set on Hawaii and were determined to get there for under $2000.

We searched and searched and searched.

Finally, we found it. a 12-night cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii and around the Hawaiian islands. We were able to book the cruise, plus a few extra nights in Honolulu after the cruise before flying back. Again, it all comes down to being flexible on the time frame. We left 1.5 months after our wedding. 
This was the first big trip that we'd ever been on together. We had never been on a cruise together. One of us had recently been on a cruise to Mexico but the other had never been on a cruise at all.

We were not sure how it was going to go since we were going to be at sea for quite a few days.
Once the ship got closer to Hawaii it was warm outside and we were wearing t-shirts. We went to a newlywed meet up and started hanging out with a group of other newlyweds on their honeymoons.

It was a lot of fun but we were definitely the youngest of them all. We ended up going around to all the activities together. We played a lot of trivia and we won a lot of prizes. We didn't have a lot to contribute to the trivia team but we still got prizes. It was mostly the one guy answering all the questions. 
We actually brought a lot of clothes on this trip. This was before we learned to pack light. We brought dress clothes since you were supposed to dress up for dinner. The dinners were kind of formal in that you were assigned a table to sit at and you would sit with the same people every night. We were sat with a couple from BC and a couple from England.
Finally, we made it to Hawaii and got to enjoy the beautiful weather. We went all around the Hawaiian islands. For our wedding, some people got us money towards excursions in Hawaii as gifts.

We went on a submarine ride in Maui. It took us deep down and we got to see some fish near a sunken ship.
We did see some sharks and a bunch of other fish. Apparently, someone took our picture when we were down there.

We went on quite a few bus tours in Hawaii as they were the cheapest option.  
One of the best ones was in Kauai where we did an offroad van tour that went to some secluded beaches and nice parts of the island that don't allow public access.
The ocean was amazing everywhere we went.
Another bus tour brought us around Maui where we stopped at some beautiful spots.

Another one of our favourite activities in Hawaii was the kayaking that we did in Kona which is on the big island. We kayaked out to a nice spot and then did some snorkelling. It was so nice.
We got an underwater disposable film camera to get some shots of our snorkelling trip.

On the big island, we went to Volcanoes National Park and got to go through a lava tube. The whole park was amazing.
We bought a whole bunch of Hawaii t-shirts and souvenirs on this trip. We were super excited so we got shirts, hats, mugs, necklaces, and other stuff. This is part of why we started our magnet collection so that we weren't overloaded with souvenirs from everywhere. T-shirts are fine but if you get a coffee mug everywhere you go you will find yourself with way too many coffee mugs pretty soon.

A lot of these pictures are a bit of a mystery now when we look at them. They take a few minutes to figure out where there were taken. One is the lava tube on the big island and the other is in the Iao Valley on Maui. Notice we are in full-on tourist mode with our sunglasses, Hawaii hats, backpack and fanny pack.
After we cruised all around the islands we ended in Honolulu where we stayed at the Outrigger Reef hotel for a couple nights. This is the beach outside our hotel at night.

We walked around Waikiki, we went to Ala Moana Center which is a big shopping mall, and we got lost a bunch of times. One time we got lost and it started pouring rain so we got absolutely soaked. It looked like we had jumped into a swimming pool with all our clothes on. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of vegan options we found near our hotel. There was a vegan burger at our hotel bar, the was a place nearby called Yardhouse which had vegan burgers using the Gardein burger patty, we got some vegan sushi from a Japanese restaurant, we got vegan tacos from Taco Bell, and we got some vegan Vietnamese food in the food court at Ala Moana Center.

It was a fantastic honeymoon and we were grateful that we were able to get such a great deal on this trip so that we could have the honeymoon of our dreams. We just really wanted to go to Hawaii and our dreams came true thanks to this repositioning cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii. We had a nice flight back and we always look back fondly on this trip.

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