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       Starting the Year off Right with MORE Travels
       Well, We sure did get a lot of Snow
        It Feels like Summer had Started
        Coming May 5th

After living in England for two years, we moved back in with our families on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. In our post 'Canadian Living: Vancouver Island', we share all of our monthly posts and posts on the Island.  For more on Vancouver Island see Spotlight Vancouver Island.

Best Memories of Twenty-Eighteen
Best Memories of Twenty Seventeen

It was the Summer of 2018

"Looking Back On Our Two Years Living Abroad"

"What We Learned in Our First Year Living Abroad"

(April 2015 - February 2017)
We got ourselves two-year working visas and we moved to Birmingham, England March 2015-2017. In our post 'Our Adventure in Birmingham, England' we share our monthly posts on living in England and all of our posts in Birmingham.

Check out our Best Memories from 2016 and from 2015!